Fasting keeps arteries young

We are shocked when we find out how many people die in car accidents on the roads of the United States. More than 50 thousand die every year and several million are seriously crippled and remain disabled for life.
We are shocked when we hear about people killed in plane crashes. We are also shocked by the statistics on the victims of various military operations around the world. But the greatest impression is made by the fact that every second someone dies of a heart attack.
Every second death is the result of heart disease. Heart disease is rightly called the scourge of Western civilization.
In 1965, the National Statistics Service published data on 978,260 cardiovascular deaths. These diseases have now reached the size of an epidemic.

The enemy finds victims not only among old people. To prove this, an autopsy was carried out 300 dead during the war in Korea.
An autopsy revealed that 77, 7 percent of young people aged 18–25 years old had worn out and degenerated arteries, including heart vessels.
Heart disease does not develop gradually. It takes a lot of time to get the arteries in a bad condition. Such factors of prolonged exposure as tobacco, alcohol, excessively fatty foods (meat of various kinds, eggs and dairy products, oils and fats subjected to refining) contribute to this.

Another factor contributing to arterial disease is a lack of physical activity. Often the poor condition of the arteries leads to a dangerous turn, although the victim is not aware of this danger. It happens that a person whose arteries are already affected by 50 percent, does not feel this at all.
Even the best experts, using modern research methods, can not find anything dangerous. Arterial blocking agents are cholesterol, parasitic tissues.
The blockage occurs gradually, and the inner walls of the arteries become so narrow that blood cannot flow through them in a volume sufficient to supply the heart muscle. Coronary phenomena manifest themselves when the lumen of the artery is already significantly narrowed.

Degeneration of the arteries begins at an early age, slowly leading to wear and blockage. And then one morning, someone, having started his usual business, suddenly feels flickering in his eyes and suddenly dies of a heart attack. Or, at best, will always be disabled.
We must constantly monitor to keep your arteries clean from all those substances that can later cause a heart attack. Not less trouble are calcareous thrombi, the formation of which contributes to conventional nutrition.
Most people are blissfully unaware of the condition of their arteries until they make themselves known as a catastrophe. Until the attacks of pain appear, people continue to eat their usual food and keep bad habits.

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