Your age is determined by the condition of the arteries.

And again, let me repeat the previously known position: your age is an indicator of the condition of your arteries.
Remember that vascular occlusion can begin at an early age and develop slowly until around 55 when most cases of cardiovascular disease occur.
I do not think hunger is a cure for cardiovascular diseases. Hunger is a precautionary measure. Because, as I have constantly pointed out in this book, it is an internal cleaner. He helps our vessels to maintain their purity so that the blood can freely feed the heart.
Through the vascular system, the blood carries nutrients throughout the body. Blood circulation in the body should always remain rhythmic and stable.

If the flow of blood in any part of the body stops for a fraction of a minute, we feel a powerful blow. If this happens in the eye area, hemorrhage occurs, which can lead to blindness.
Arteries should be free for blood to flow, so that it can freely supply all parts of our body.
Now you can find a few men and women, who in their 70-80 and even 90 years have completely clean, elastic and flexible arteries. Despite their age, they are young because their vessels are not degenerated, elastic and mobile.

If the organism of such people works well and is free from toxins, then why shouldn’t these people live for many, many more years? We know from the Bible that before the Flood the age of some people reached 900 years. We laugh at this statement, saying that these people calculated their years in a different way from us.
But how can we say something categorically? After all, it is likely that these people knew how to eat and live in order to keep their vessels in excellent condition. The harmonious functioning of the whole organism is maintained as long as the vessels correctly and effectively perform their work.

When we say that a person is aging, this means only one thing: he does not know how to eat and live in order to keep his arteries young and elastic.
When the affected arteries fail to perform their functions correctly, the blood does not flow in sufficient quantities to different parts of the body, and people become decrepit, painful and forgetful. They die a slow death, because the blood feeds their body and brain badly.
But if we are hungry, the entire life force of the body is used for internal cleansing, which also means the cleansing of the vessels.

That is why, after a ten-day fasting, very often there is a feeling of lightness in the whole body, the mind becomes aggravated and becomes more receptive, the memory becomes stronger. There is a huge need for physical activity.
I believe that we can extend the life of our heart with the help of a fasting program in combination with a natural food program that removes substances that clog arteries.
We must consider our vessels as the key of life if we want to win a decisive battle for health.
When you eat fatty meat day after day, you simply accumulate poisons in your body. And the payback comes. The body needs very little fat, and we actively consume fatty foods every day, with the result that we top the list for cardiovascular diseases.

This is one of the reasons why I propose to do without breakfast. I know a lot of young and healthy-looking men and women who are used to eating a so-called breakfast consisting of ham and eggs, sandwiches and potatoes, coffee with cream every morning.
But I also know that many of these apparently healthy people were victims of heart attacks, which put some in a grave and made others disabled for life. You consume such food only because you think that it is necessary, and you are not aware of your mistake due to ignorance of the physiology of your body. Food consumption is a science that means more than pleasure.
Before you follow the program of this book, consult a good heart specialist. Let him inform you about the condition of your blood vessels and heart. Check your blood pressure, pulse, and then diet and fast for a year. Go to the doctor again. I am sure he will say that you have done a miracle with your body.

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