Sun light

His specialty is heliotherapy.
Every tiny leaf of grass, every vine, tree, shrub, flower, fruit and vegetable draw their life from solar energy. Everything living on Earth depends on solar energy, on its intensity.

Our Earth would be a lifeless cold place, shrouded in eternal mist if it were not illuminated by the magical rays of the sun.
But the sun gives us not only light, solar energy is transformed into human energy. A person can improve their health, prolong their life under the sunlight.

People who do not expose themselves to the sun look pale. Our skin should be covered with a light tan. Many diseases are only because we are too rare in the sun.
The sun’s rays are a powerful bactericidal agent. And the more the skin absorbs the rays, the more bactericidal energy it stores.
When we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we assimilate the blood of plants, green plants are saturated with solar energy in the form of nutritive chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a part of solar energy accumulated in plants, the richest and most beneficial food for our body.
Green plants have the secret of accumulating solar energy and transmitting it to humans and other living creatures. When you expose your body to direct sunlight and, moreover, your diet consists of 60 percent of vegetables and fruits, you will certainly achieve excellent health.
But these life-giving medicines must be perceived by the body first in small doses, because a body starved in sunlight may not immediately perceive a large dose of rays.

When you first start sunbathing, start with short periods, increasing them gradually. The best time for sunbathing is early morning.
You need to start from five to ten minutes. Of course, you can sunbathe after lunch. But the most useful sunshine in the early morning. Between 11-15 hours of the day, the sun’s rays are the hottest, they carry a lot of solar radiation.

Graduality should be adhered to when switching to raw vegetables and fruits. A person who is accustomed to boiled food, switching directly to a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables, can achieve an unpleasant reaction.

It is more reasonable to gradually add to the normal diet a solar diet. The overdose of solar energy, received from outside or from within, does not work well. It is absolutely necessary to adhere to gradualism. Here I also want to share my experience.
At the age of 16, I died from tuberculosis. Famous doctors of the United States said to me: “hopeless,” “incurable.”
But I got to see Dr. Augustus Rollier from Lausanne, at that time the largest authority on heliotherapy (solar treatment). High in the Alps, Dr. Rolle worked on my weak body with the healing rays of the sun and prescribed me a diet of sunshine products.

In two years I have turned from a suicide bomber to a cheerful, strong person. And now, when I write these lines, I am still strong and healthy.
All these years I have been careful to ensure that my body constantly receives the sun’s rays. They saved my life. That is why the Sun for me is a cult that I worship. That is why I live in California, the sunniest state in the country.

I have a hut high in the mountains of Santa Monica. So I still use the influence of the mountain sun. I am a passionate fan of swimming and spend many hours in the winter and summer on the great beaches of Hawaii, Florida, Cannes in France, on the Aegean islands, in Crete and Cyprus.

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