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The first thing we do when we come into the world is to take a big, deep breath. And the last thing we do when we die is to stop breathing. Between birth and death lies a life completely dependent on breathing.
Dr. Fresh Air wants us to live a long and active life. As a specialist, he knows that if you follow his simple instructions for deep breathing, you can always be sure that with each breath you bring life-giving oxygen to your body.
People who refuse to follow a doctor’s prescription and more often go out in the open air, expose themselves to serious complications.
Let me briefly explain the function of breathing. First, breathing is an invisible food, the very food without which we cannot live more than five to seven minutes. Without it, we die.
We take oxygen from the air, the product needed by every cell of our body. When we breathe it in, it is carried by blood to the lungs, and a great miracle happens there. Oxygen takes the deadly carbon dioxide in which toxic toxins are dissolved.
Indeed, in the process of life, we produce poisons. They are collected by blood, and when blood brings carbon dioxide to the lungs, they are released from poisons with each new batch of oxygen.
If a person does not receive enough fresh air or if he breathes superficially and the amount of oxygen supplied is not equal to the amount of carbon dioxide taken out of the body, then we are helping to poison the body with poisons and carbon dioxide. This can cause many diseases.
I know that we are airborne machines. I know that oxygen is not only a cleaner of our body, but also one of the greatest suppliers of energy it needs. We are an air pressure machine. We live at the bottom of the atmospheric ocean, whose depth is approximately 100 kilometers.
Air pressure is about one kilogram per square centimeter. A vacuum is created between inhalation and exhalation. And as long as we use this dynamic pump, we will live.
We know that you can live without food for more than 30 days and survive. But without air, we can be only a few minutes.
For over 50 years I have been studying long-livers. And found that they are all slow breathing people. I found that the deeper a person breathes, the less breath he takes in one minute and the longer his life.
Frequently breathing people live a little. This is also confirmed in the animal world: rabbits, guinea pigs, and all other rodents are breathing, making many breathing movements in one minute.
They live very long. For many years now, upon awakening, I have been producing several slow and deep breaths and exhalations. During the day, I occasionally repeat such breathing movements.

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