Water is more important than food.

Man is more than half water. The bones of our body are also 1/3 of it.
The loss of even a tenth of the water from our body is very dangerous. A loss of two tenths can be fatal. The lack of water disrupts the normal flow of chemical and physical processes.

It is necessary to maintain a constant balance of water in the body in order to maintain normal vital activity.
The body’s need for water can be confirmed by an example from the history of mountaineering. During the storming of the Himalayas, people who worked at high altitudes lost a lot of weight.

No one could understand the reasons for this until the Everest expedition scientifically proved the effect of altitude on water exchange. People were forced to turn snow and ice into water. They were convinced that a person at that height needed an average of three liters of water per day. This is much more than previously thought.
We may not need a similar amount of water, but this is clear evidence of how necessary water is for the body.

As a sculptor needs a piece of marble, so the soul needs knowledge.

In 1959, in a yearbook published by the US Department of Agriculture, Dr. Olaf Mikkelson wrote: “Following oxygen, water is the most important factor in human and animal life.

A person can do without food for five weeks or more, but without water, he can survive for only a few days. ”
In a report addressed to the civil security service, a research laboratory in the western region indicates:
“Incredibly, food is not absolutely necessary to maintain human health for two weeks. Most people can survive in these conditions if the amount of water is sufficient. ”

All life processes are based on water. Without it, protoplasm cannot exist. No blade of grass, insect, cactus, bird or fish. If the cell dries out, its work stops. The cell must have a flow of fluid. The human cell is even more so.
The body has over five liters of blood. Food debris consumed by cells and excreted as a liquid is urine.
Even oxygen cannot be absorbed by the lungs unless their surface is wet. The same is true for carbon dioxide emissions.

From the words of William Kennon: “Water is also a solvent for food materials coming from the digestive tract.
It is a necessary substance in which there are chemical processes that give us energy. It maintains a constant temperature in the body and plays a huge role in the chemical processes of the body. “

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