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You can calculate your body mass index, BMI (from the English. With this online calculator old Body mass index – a BMI of). With the help of BMI, you can check the correspondence between your body weight and your height and find out if you are overweight, or, conversely, if you are not underweight. To calculate your body mass index (BMI), fill in the fields in the calculator that correspond to your height and weight. Enter your height and weight values ​​to the nearest tenth, then the calculation result will be the most accurate.

Signs of anorexia: psychological changes

Despite the conspicuous low weight, the main symptoms of anorexia are still psychological. It is in the mind of a girl with anorexia that the most significant changes occur, which lead to a mental disorder .       

Anorexia begins in a standard way. The psychological impetus to the beginning of losing weight is ridicule or harsh statements from classmates / classmates. Sometimes speaking out about corpulence can be especially traumatic if it is being spoken by a guy that the girl cares about. The girl’s self-esteem is lowered, and after such ridicule she decreases even more: she begins to think of herself as unattractive and inferior.         

At some point, the girl decides to lose weight.  

She believes that if you change your appearance, you can immediately become attractive, popular among peers and among the opposite sex.  

With such motivation, the girl quickly brings her weight back to normal. It’s good if she managed to lose weight reasonably, and avoid unhealthy diets, laxatives, weight loss drugs and vomiting.     

What prevents her from stopping losing weight?   

Self-esteem in anorexia nervosa is highly related to body image. The first successes in losing weight cause real euphoria: the girl feels more beautiful and more successful than before. She sees the envious glances of her friends, the interested glances of the guys, and this is a powerful incentive for her to continue working on her body. Work on the body usually continues in losing weight – the girl got used to it, and her mind has already firmly linked weight loss with popularity, success and happiness.           

Anorexia patient distortedly perceives the image of her body: with extremely low weight, she continues to believe that in some places, for example, on the thighs, fat remains, which must be eliminated. It is practically useless to persuade her – neither for the parents, nor for the psychologist.       

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In addition to the obsessive desire to lose weight, anorexia patient usually communicates less with friends, her circle of contacts is narrowed. Thoughts and hobbies are related to food: cooking, dieting, calories.    

The mood of an anorexic patient may be depressed or change frequently. Frequent manifestations of depression, sleep disturbances.

Physiological symptoms of anorexia

The physiological symptoms of anorexia vary depending on the stage of anorexia. With a decrease in weight significantly below normal, all systems and organs of the body suffer , but violations are not always noticeable in the first stages of anorexia: a healthy young body has a margin of safety. The first visible signs of anorexia are:      

• problems with the menstrual cycle      

• constant weakness    

• hair loss, brittle nails    

The functioning of the endocrine system is disrupted, the concentration of hormones, primarily sex hormones, change . 

With a lack of protein in food, the body begins to destroy muscle protein , including the heart muscle. This leads to various negative consequences …   

When to see a doctor for anorexia? 

As with most diseases, the rule is true for anorexia: the earlier treatment is started , the easier and faster the patient can be cured.  

If at the first stage of anorexia it is possible to do without medication, only by outpatient treatment, then at the last stages the patient is in intensive care, with a body weight below 35-40 kg and the risk of death. According to statistics, the mortality rate for anorexia without therapy is 5-10%.       

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