The diet of Dr. Mukhina Mariyat is one of the most effective weight loss programs. The essence of the diet is the simultaneous combination of two ways of influencing the body: acupuncture and diet. The needle is the main tool of this diet.

The essence of the diet The maximum effect of Dr. Mukhina’s diet is achieved when the needle stimulates certain points responsible for suppressing appetite and thirst. these points are located in the area of ​​the head, namely, near the cartilage, where the auricle passes into the cheek. Gold is inserted here.  the needle also affects the body in such a way that a person’s desire to overeat disappears, metabolic processes return to normal. A needle is used for six months, but it is possible to use it in a shorter time – one month. It depends on how many extra pounds a person has and what his medical indicators are. Whether the needle will be used in the future must be decided by the doctor. A Mukhina diet without an earring can also be effective if you strictly adhere to established rules and restrictions on food intake. One of the main requirements of the Mukhina diet is to refuse food after eighteen hours. It is strictly forbidden to combine the process of eating with watching television programs, reading, working at a computer, as a person is passionate about other activities and does not notice how much he ate andoften overdo it with serving volumes. In this, the requirements of the Mukhina diet are not original, almost every weight loss program adheres to these postulates. Reviews of people confirm that adherence to a strict diet is very difficult. Product List The list of products that are under the strictest ban and are strictly contraindicated for eating:

Alcohol; Sweet soda and fruit juices; Chips, crackers, food sold in fast food establishments (french fries, hamburgers, sausages in pastry, pies, pizza, etc.); Cakes, pastries, chocolates and other confectionery; Foods that contain a high percentage of sugar. Nuts and dried fruits, as they contain quite a lot of calories; Porridge Dishes from potatoes, garlic and raw onions, boiled carrots and beets; Sweet and high-calorie fruits (grapes, bananas); Sausages, smoked meat and fish products, canned food, pickled vegetables; Flour products.

Foods that must be in the diet of a person who is on a diet of Mukhina: Seafood, fish and poultry; Any fruit, vegetable and berry mixtures; Legumes, which are the main supplier of protein to the body; Any mushrooms; Low-fat or non-fat dairy products; Three eggs a week; Any liquid that does not contain sugar and chemical additives is at least two liters per day, if the body weight is large, then the liquid should be drunk even more.

Diet Mukhina should last one month or more, but not more than six months, then you should take a break in a few weeks, and then if there is a need or desire to continue the weight loss program. Already the first month will show a tangible result – weight loss of four or more kilograms. Menu and daily routine The diet according to the Mukhina program provides for eating three times a day at the hours allotted for this purpose, you can eat a portion not immediately, but in parts, the main thing is to keep within the meal schedule. If after six in the evening you really want to eat, then you can afford to drink a glass of kefir with a low fat content. The menu for the week on the Mukhina food system changes daily. First day Morning meal (up to 10 hours): 200 grams of fruit mix, 150 grams of preferably low fat cottage cheese, herbal tea or mineral water. Daily meal (from 12 hours to 14 hours): 200 grams of boiled white meat, 200 grams of tomato and cucumber salad; You can drink a small cup of coffee without sugar. In the evening (from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.): eat 200 grams of fruit salad or vegetables.   

Menu on the second day In the morning, boil 250 grams of vegetables and 150 grams of white fish, drink a glass of tea or coffee. For lunch, eat 100 grams of meat without seasoning, boil one egg, 200 grams of a mixture of chopped fruit. For dinner, 300 grams of vegetable salad with the addition of grated green apple and seasoned with parsley is relied on. Menu on the third day. For breakfast, boil an egg, eat 100 grams of low-fat cheese, a cup of tea. For lunch, put 120 grams of meat, 150 grams of stewed eggplant with legumes, about 200 grams of coleslaw salad seasoned with herbs. For dinner, eat 250 grams of fruit salad. Here is his recipe – we’ll prepare from a chopped apple, pear and orange, seasoned with one teaspoon of plain yogurt sugar bases and additives. You can find other recipes by going to any diet website.

Menu on the fourth day. Morning meal: 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 200 grams of a mixture of fresh fruits, a glass of tea. For lunch, 200 grams of boiled white fish and 230 grams of salad leaf. We have dinner with two large apples and a glass of kefir. Then the menu is repeated, the products can be varied, the main thing is not to eat food from the forbidden list. It is important to remember that the Mukhina’s diet provides not only gastronomic restrictions, but also requires careful attention to your body. Therefore, be sure to take vitamins in tablets, exercise, keep your skin in good shape with the help of cosmetic spa treatments.

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