From climate change to HIV: WHO’s top health threats

Recently, the World Health Organization released a list of the main threats to human health in 2019, to which it plans to pay special attention. The list includes a variety of factors, such as air pollution and climate change: according to the organization, the former harms the heart, lungs and brain and can lead to cancer, stroke, heart and lung disease; and as a result of the second, people can die from exhaustion, malaria, diarrhea, exposure to high temperatures. WHO proposes to pay attention to various non-communicable diseases (diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors and heart diseases), the influenza epidemic (WHO notes that it awaits us this year – it is not known only when and of what scale), conditions in many countries that interfere with receiving access to health care (military conflicts, floods, floods), bacterial resistance to antibiotics, the epidemic of Ebola and other dangerous diseases, poorly developed first aid system, anti-vaccination movement, dengue fever (according to WHO estimates, about 40% of the world’s population is at risk, and the disease spreads to regions where it is usually not) and the HIV epidemic.  

We have already talked about many of these problems in detail, others will only have to be addressed in the future. Nevertheless, we suggest that we learn more about what threatens our health next year – and take action.

Big, small, asymmetrical, tubular: Girls about accepting their breasts 

BREAST PROSTHETICS FOR ENLARGING OR SHAPING REMAINS remains the most popular plastic surgery. And even those who are against the pursuit of conventional beauty sometimes say that fixing a “clear defect” is another matter entirely. A defect, however, is often understood not as a functional problem that affects health and well-being, but simply a more pronounced departure from the usual notions of “aesthetic”. When others constantly pay attention to such a feature, this, of course, can also negatively affect the quality of life. We spoke with several heroines who accepted and loved their breasts, although they previously thought about operations. 

Since childhood, I noticed that my mother’s chest is not round, as in the pictures, but with such tubes hanging down. It seemed to me ugly – I thought it had something to do with age or the birth of a child. When my breasts began to grow, my mother at some point said: “It’s a pity, but you have it like mine.” There was a complete feeling that it was terrible, I was afraid that my breasts would become larger and would hang. 

As a teenager, my friends and I were not shy about our bodies, we discussed breasts, bras. Among us was one tall girl with big breasts, and she bluntly said that everything was “somehow wrong” with me . The girlfriends echoed: “A guy will appear, and what will he say?” I was in a complex, I thought that my chest was “weird”, I pressed it so that it “rounded”. I tried to sleep in a bra, although, of course, this is ineffective. There was also such an opinion site Formspring – I still remember how someone anonymously wrote: “You have sour, underdeveloped boobs.” A friend joked about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In general, then I decided that when I grow up, I will definitely put implants.

When the financial opportunity arose to perform the operation, it no longer seemed so important to me – I was able to accept myself. From the age of fifteen, I knew about the Suicidegirls site, which appeared in the early 2000s as an alternative to Playboy and traditional views of beauty. I have always loved photo shoots, vivid images, I understood that I wanted to act in films. I have piercings and tattoos, and at the age of seventeen I decided to pierce my nipples in the hope that they would shrink and become smaller. It was pierced by my friend, a surgeon, and he did not say a word that something was wrong with the breast. Yes, the nipples had to be twisted so that they “stood up” – otherwise there was nothing to catch on. I am very pleased with the piercing, my breasts with it, in my opinion, have really become more beautiful. 

Having moved to Moscow, I got acquainted with models with tattoos and piercings and started filming for that very site. I remember that during the first photo session I was very shy and kept opening the windows so that my nipples shrank from the cold – but the photographer did not say a word on this topic. The pictures went to the site, and I did not see a single negative comment either. None of my men, none of the female models – no one criticized my appearance. I gained confidence in myself, I began to appear in nude films, I fell in love with my body. 

A couple of years ago I had money and I decided to make a round chest – it was not a dream or a goal, I just thought, why not. The first surgeon said that he would not take it: a tubular breast, a difficult case, you cannot get off by simply placing implants. Others said that they are ready to operate, but it will not be easy: you need to correct the shape of the nipples and asymmetry, and the result can still be disappointing, since the chest is widely spaced due to the position of the muscles. As a result, since the complexes were long gone, I changed my mind about the operation.

I love my breasts, they are proportional to the body, although asymmetrical, they do not cause problems, they do not shake in the gym – I can not wear a bra at all. Sensitivity is also okay. Marilyn Monroe had a similar chest, tapered, so I’m not worried, although I myself have never seen other girls with such breasts. One friend with the usual round shape says that mine is very beautiful, “naturally hanging.” It’s amazing and nice to hear that from a girl.

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