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The demand for ways to lose weight faster and without violence against oneself is very great. Demand, as you know, gives rise to proposals. They are widely known (advertising!), But, as a rule, are not properly justified. Often such proposals are simply incorrect. Here with one such method we will begin our consideration.

“Medical Newspaper” on January 29, 1993 published an article by corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the head of the Center for Dietetics of the Ministry of Health of Russia MA. Samsonov “If you want to become an Apollo.” The subtitle of the article says: “The second half of the XX century for countries with a highly developed economy is characterized by a change in the structure of morbidity. Among pathologies, a large group, classified as metabolic diseases, diseases of impaired metabolism. In their frequency, obesity is dominant among them. ”

In addition to the recommendations of MA. Samsonov, already considered in the previous chapters, there is another recommendation in this article on the wide use of sugar substitutes: “There were a lot of lovers of delicious confectionery products, so it remained. And although most people can no longer afford to pamper themselves, cakes and cookies are bought up quickly. It is necessary to produce more confectionery and drinks made with sorbitol and xylitol, aspartame “.

Recall that sorbitol, xylitol, aspartame are sugar substitutes, facilitating the situation of patients with diabetes. Satisfying the habitual need of man for sweet, these substances do not require insulin to transfer them to the liver and temporary storage in the liver in the form of glycogen, as required by glucose. These sugar substitutes in the human body do not generally function as glucose and do not turn into glycogen. Consequently, sugar substitutes are not involved in the formation of metabolic saturation. But this is not the main thing. It is important that they do not participate in the filling of the liver cells (as glucose does in the form of glycogen) and thereby participate in the formation of premature hunger (“empty liver”) and overeating. Therefore, the recommendation of M. Samsonov is in principle erroneous.

Even earlier, on October 2, 1991, the newspaper Trud published a report on the same topic: “Long-term fasting, the consumption of artificial sugar substitutes, the rejection of carbohydrate-containing products – all these modern means of fighting overweight are not so effective. This conclusion was made by a well-known Viennese expert on the study of food products and their influence on the metabolic processes in the human body Bernhard Ludwig. This doctor said that artificial sugar substitutes not only do not contribute to weight loss, but rather cause a constant hunger in a person, which leads to excessive consumption of food. ”

Let’s return to the article of M. Samsonov. In it there is one more recommendation – observance of the necessary motor mode: “How to achieve that people with overweight and obese patients follow dietary recommendations, the motor regime? With the help of training healthy and sick rules for rational curative and preventive nutrition and the regime of life. ”

This refers to the motor regime. Very often, along with recommendations for increasing the motor regime, maintaining a strengthened regime of physical exercises, the recommendations of applying massage, visits to steam baths and saunas are side by side. But in 1995, advertisements surpassed the boldest plans of dietitians. Instead of increasing the motor regime, applying massage and strengthening the regime of physical exercises, it turns out that it is enough to lie and lose weight with the help of the “Miostimulator” of the firm “Trihedron Electronics”, the expert of which is Professor A.N. Vetkin. It is stated that the “Myostimulator” … “acts by bioelectronic impulses on muscle tissue, reducing them without any effort on the part of the person. And because working muscles need food, they destroy subcutaneous fat.

But physiology and biological chemistry for some reason believe that the muscles do not eat fat, but glucose: “The decomposition of carbohydrates in the cell occurs in two ways: aerobic – with sufficient supply of cells with oxygen and anaerobic – with its lack. … The anaerobic pathway of decay … is characteristic mainly for muscle tissue. It starts by activating glucose with ATP …

… As it was said, the anaerobic process prevails in the muscles. With and active work, a lot of lactic acid accumulates, causing muscle fatigue. To restore the working capacity of muscles, it is necessary to release them from lactic acid, which is achieved by bringing it into the blood, with which it enters the liver. There, under anaerobic conditions, lactic acid is included in the process of gluconeogenesis and turns into glucose, which is again delivered to the muscles by the blood and is included in metabolic processes “(MV Ermolaev, LP Il’icheva, Biological Chemistry, 1989).

A.V. Loginov points out: “… Despite a number of complex chemical transformations, the costs of an organism in muscle contraction are reduced to the loss of a part of glycogen.”

It turned out that with the help of an uninformed expert Professor A.N. Vetkina firm Triadr Elektroniks calmly releases gullible fat people who want to lose weight, not from excess fat, but from glycogen (glucose), as well as money and faith in human decency.

We quote the article “Slenderness – Advertising or Facts” (short translation from the West German magazine “Bild der Wissenschaft” in the journal “Inventor and rationalizer”, July, 1974).

“Each advertising publication concerning the slenderness of a figure is almost always accompanied by miraculous promises. This time our publication contains only facts. The facts are harsh and not pleasant for everyone.

Unpleasant fact number 1: there are only two radical means to become (and remain) orderly: there is less and more to move.

The fact number 2 says: we are all people, all people, so not everyone can refrain from eating. And for business people, the additional difficulty is connected with the fulfillment of secular duties: in fact, there is less – it means less drinking, that in society – at receptions, conferences, when signing agreements – is not always possible. Physical exercises require even more will and time. In the vast majority of people, these exercises so stimulate the appetite, that they think it best to give up gymnastics altogether.

Perhaps, try more pleasant ways to become slim – to steam in a sauna (dry Finnish bath) or to massage? Alas, again the unpleasant truth: the weight that you dump when sweating in the sauna, will come back to you once you quench your thirst. This is the inevitable reaction of the body. ”

Well, what about the soothing massage? Calm it will bring you, weight loss – no. Nobody has yet proved that massage promotes harmony. The magazine of consumers “DM (also publishing facts, not promises) in its August issue for 1973. informs: “Slimness can not be achieved either with the help of an ordinary masseur, or with mechanical vibro-massage devices. This is the opinion of Dr Staecher from the Heidelberg sports community of doctors and other authoritative specialists. ”

From the publication “Pais Semanal” (Spain): “Many people continue to believe that exercise is a way to lose weight. Indeed, any physical exercise contributes to the expenditure of calories; As a result, the size of fat cells decreases … However, as practice shows, if we consider the question from the positions of the already mentioned law of the balance of consumed and consumed calories, it becomes clear that physical exercises help very little. As a result of cycling for an hour consumes 468 calories (here and in this quotation, calories mean kilocalories – M. Zh.); One hour of swimming gives an expenditure of 675 calories, per hour of playing tennis – 425 calories. However, it takes only a few seconds to get 400 grams of chocolate by eating 100 grams of chocolate. ”

We will specify: 100 grams of chocolate give not less than 500 kcal.

We quote further. “According to doctors, there are very few people who can explain the presence of excess weight could be an incorrect metabolism or hormonal diseases. The problem here is overeating and misunderstanding of the need to correct the existing situation. Unwillingness to change their habits, the difficulties associated with such changes, and are the reasons that people readily pay for medical and paramedical help. ”

In order to enable the reader to compare contemporary scientific views on obesity and seemingly very recent views of medicine on this problem, we quote an excerpt from the pre-war textbook (1937): “Obesity (adipoŇ‘ & sitas). Often inherited, a special metabolic disorder is transmitted, consisting in a decrease in oxidative processes; in such people, especially when there is a lot of food and alcohol (beer) and with a sedentary lifestyle, most of the fat is not oxidized to water and carbon dioxide (as is normal), but is deposited in the omentum, subcutaneous tissue and other places. Sometimes obesity depends on inadequate secretion of hormones with glands of internal secretion (for example, obesity in eunuchs, in women after cessation of menstruation). Excessive fat deposition in the pericardial bag causes shortness of breath and heart beat; obese people are soon tired, often suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids.

The treatment consists in limiting the intake of food and drink to a minimum (alcoholic beverages are forbidden), as well as in increasing metabolism, which is achieved by gymnastics, walking, massage, thermal procedures (hot baths, mud treatment cause intense sweating, which leads to weight loss). Limit also the duration of sleep.

Sometimes pituitrin and other organopreparations are used. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the weight of the body all the time. ”

It is not difficult to trace changes in views on the problem of obesity in the last 60 years, but even then the main principle of treatment was to limit the intake of food.

So, the problem of completeness, obesity – in overeating and the need for violence over their habits and the prevailing life stereotype to eliminate the effects of overeating and preventing it from happening henceforth.

Those who want to lose weight with open arms are met by numerous assistants and advisers. Some of them may be interested in distributing audio cassettes and records with Mozart’s music, judging by the following message: “nutritionists from Cambridge and Oxford universities advise: eat Mozart’s music. The experiments showed that the melodies of the great composer significantly reduce the appetite. ”

But what kind of advertising is met by those who want to lose weight, at first glance, good advisers: “By spending huge amounts of money on various imported fat burners, many women who want to lose weight have returned to classical methods based on using their own capabilities. This is a rational diet, exercise, some physiotherapy. ” The reader already knows that a rational diet is not a way to lose weight, but is a way not to grow stout. The price of physical exercises in matters of weight loss is also well known. They were mentioned above in this chapter. But here “some physiotherapeutic procedures” are added. What are these wonderful procedures? It’s only “the elimination of fat deposits with the help of vacuum massage – correction of the figure (elimination of fat deposits in problem areas).”

Massage of fat is a common fiction, “auricular noodles.” The massage was already mentioned in this chapter.

And how do you, dear reader, like the pill “Ultravit Slank” (ultra-thin slender)? You are assured that this is not a medicine, but a parapharmaceutical Dutch remedy, which has 34 years of experience. This assurance relieves from medical examination – this is not a cure. In these pills, there are seaweeds, lecithin, aloe, and color of thorn, and leaves with dandelion root, and lactose, and magnesium stearate, “which promote optimal processing of proteins and fats normalizing blood pressure.”

Total 1-2 pills before meals and during meals 3 times a day, washed down with a glass of water, and for 25 days you lose 8 kg of body weight.

How do these very simple and essentially insignificant pills that do not have contraindications and side effects so magically operate? In general, such pills can not have any positive effects on the body, they differ little from the pills-placebo (pacifiers). So how do they still work?

Immediately there is an idea of deceit. But there is no deceit. Advertising explains (see “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” for December 24, 1994): it is necessary, taking pills, to eat only plant foods, resolutely restrict the consumption of fats, it is allowed to add little eggs, cottage cheese and sour cream (instead of butter).

In that case, why do we need the pills themselves? Without them, with a strictly vegetative and limited diet, obesity will indeed pass. This is so true. And the pills, apparently, are the company’s black humor. Like “Narzan” as a contraceptive: if you drink it not before, not after, but instead of conception.

But the most original advertisement was placed in the “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” on October 29, 1994, the company “Post Shop”. The “biomagnetic agent for weight loss” is advertised. A new miracle – biomagnetism against fatness and obesity: “You can lose 10-15 or even 30 kg due to the amazing discovery of Chinese medicine. For a day – 2 kg, for two days – 3 kg. ” Fantastic! Down with scientific natural science! “… The method was invented 3000 years ago by Chinese healers. Do not swallow pills, do gymnastics. The body will go through the process of destruction of the fat layer, normal metabolism will be restored. 97.5% of positive results “.

Pay attention to the huge amount of energy and ingenuity of such helpers and advisors of fat people, to their indomitable desire to release the overweight … no, not from obesity, but from money, and this is usually done in the most shameless manner. And these, so to speak, helpers flourish due to the lack of necessary knowledge among people who are concerned about excess kilograms.


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