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Every thinking person should at some point ask himself the question: “What is most valuable for me in life?”

I want to quote the great comedian Ed Wynn , who very wisely remarked: “Wealth and fame is nonsense if there is no health!”

What is a sick person, even if he is notable and rich? The rich can not buy happiness. And the fact that a person has achieved fame does not mean that he has become happier.

I can not underestimate the wealth. I believe that money and position play a significant role in our civilization. Comfort and pleasure are important to many people. Take away the whole state of a person and give him one health, his first desire will be to return the lost wealth.

But when both are available, the word that we are afraid to pronounce is left, the thought that we are persecuting, that which brings sorrow, pain and regret. This word, this thought is death .

Even when life seems like an unbearable burden, how convulsively a man clings to it! What spiritual forces are spent on the fight against death!

With what passion a person holds on to life! The greatest human dream is health and long life! A person feels at home in this world, and would like to live here forever if he is healthy and full of young forces.

I love life and want to live

In my lectures on health, I often recall the words from the song of my student years: “I love life and want to live!” These strong words express the secret desire of each of us. Life itself is a miracle. And this miracle is in our hands. Life is amazing. This treasure is from treasure!

Since the days of Adam and Eve, who lived in the gardens of Eden, extending human life remains the most important issue. Persians and Greek sages for many centuries before Christianity tried to resolve it, but without success.

The scholastics of the Middle Ages were equally eager to do this, but the result, of course, was not achieved. And today in the twentieth century, all serious minds are looking for, truth, often blindly, solving riddles.

Not one person from the creation of the world has escaped death, but each person, observing the rules of hygiene and diet, can live to an advanced age, if, of course, to exclude accidents. Everyone is obliged to do this for themselves, their loved ones, for their country.

This can be achieved only by taking care of your body, for only its healthy work will make a person a useful citizen, extending his life to normal limits.

I believe that every person is destined to live at least 120 years, as stated in the Bible. Life expectancy should correspond to the age that a healthy person can achieve under the most favorable conditions.

Bad habits are killing Americans!

A man, because of his shameless incontinence in food and drink, dies, not having lived half the time allotted to him. Wild animals, if they are not affected by adverse conditions, live the full term of their life. Man is the only exception to the rule.

Probably among the millions of people living only the human race does not live to its natural limit. Animals instinctively feel which way of life to lead, what to eat and drink. When they get sick or injured, they usually starve.

Instinct makes animals eat what is good for them, and a person consumes the most difficult to digest food, washing it down with poisonous drinks, and then wonders why he does not live for a hundred years!

In theory, we all crave a long life, but in practice we reduce our life to a minimum. Does this make sense?

An amazing mystery is why the wonderful mechanism of a human being, perfect in its smallest particle, combining a godlike mind with a form that sculptors try to imitate, is mercilessly destroyed by man himself! There is no excuse!

Marble statue of Apollo in the Vatican in Rome, a world-famous work of art, but more perfect but beauty than the bodies of thousands of our young compatriots, but this marble Apollo is followed as an invaluable diamond, while a living person, noble, intelligent and sophisticated with a thin and sensitive physical structure, pays less attention to his body than to his cat or dog.

All sensible people want a long, happy and rewarding life.

It would seem that high life expectancy and reliable health should be the rule, but – alas! – are the exception. 

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