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However, December is in the yard and it’s time to sum up some results of the year. I caught the eye of a rating with a curious name – the index of the level of healthy life expectancy. I was interested, first of all, by my two favorite countries – Russia and Thailand. 

The Healthy Life Expectancy Index is the leading indicator of average healthy life expectancy worldwide. The index rather accurately characterizes the general state of health and quality of life of the population, as well as the level of efficiency of national health systems and social policies pursued in certain states. The indicator of healthy life expectancy is calculated every few years according to the methodology of the World Health Organization (WHO). The concept of “average healthy life expectancy” means how many years a person will live a healthy life, that is, without serious problems with         

    health, limiting the daily life of a person. So, in terms of healthy life expectancy (2018-2020) Thailand is ahead of Russia -64th place (general index of years -66.8, of which men-64.0, women-69.8) versus 103 (63.5-59.1-67.5) Total in the general table 183 places, which are closed by the CAR, while the prizes are held by Singapore, Japan and Spain. The disparities between countries in terms of human development are significant: healthy life expectancy is 69.9 years in countries with very high human development levels and only 53.3 years in countries with low human development levels. Russia’s positions on this indicator correspond rather to countries with an average level of human development, while Thailand is close to countries with a high level of human development. At the same time, the difference in healthy life expectancy for Russian men and women is about eight years, while for Thais it has been reduced to five years.

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