Stress and depression

Stress and depression often go hand in hand, and the latter can easily flow out of the former. In the modern world, stress is almost impossible to avoid, since we face them every day – even a banal crush on public transport can become a source of negative emotions. Stress is not always negative. A bright event with a plus sign, for example, the birth of the first child, can also be considered stressful.

Emotional stress excites the nervous system, for which it is not typical to stay in this state for a very long time – it needs to relax from this stress. And here depression comes to the fore, in which all nervous processes are inhibited, the nervous system rests from stress. It seems that everything is harmonious and useful, but why then is this condition considered a disease, which sometimes requires professional treatment?

The main problem lies in the strength of the feelings that a person experiences. The stronger the shock, the deeper and longer the depression will be, and it is not a fact that a person will be able to cope with it himself. Prolonged stay in such a state harms a person who can stop taking care of himself, contacting other people, eating, going to work … it is obvious that in such a situation a person needs help. Therefore, stress and depression are always considered to be related.

Coping with depression

Sometimes, in order to cope with depression, your own determination and a certain plan of action are enough. Of course, we are not talking about severe forms, which require not only the help of a specialist, but also taking medications. You can try to adhere to the following principles, and you will see how it becomes easier to deal with depression:

  • Take care of yourself.

It is clear that one does not want to work or do even elementary actions in such a state, but being active is the first step towards getting out of depression. Try starting out with basic activities such as cleaning your apartment or taking a walk in the fresh air.

  • Get some rest.

Your body needs to recuperate in order to overcome a psychological disorder. In order to relieve nervous tension, provide yourself with enough sleep.

  • Communicate.

If you are alone during a period of depression, negative thoughts slowly take over your determination to return to an active and cheerful life. Talking to people who understand you, be it family or friends, will give you an edge in dealing with negativity, and stress and depression will have less of an impact on you.

  • No comparative characteristics.

We are all not perfect, but this does not mean that you need to constantly set yourself up for the worst and trample your self-esteem in the mud on your own.

  • Eat well.

Eating well will not only provide your body with the energy it needs to recover. Include in your diet chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits and other foods that by themselves can increase the level of endorphins in the body – the hormones of pleasure.

Keep in mind that these tips are general and that additional steps may be necessary in each case. How to get out of depression on their own, everyone decides for himself, but there is a general rule: purposeful movement towards the goal.

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