The myth of salt failure

Is a low-salt diet defective? Do we need salt to keep ourselves in good condition? A widespread point of view argues the need for salt. Everyone has heard that animals can cross many miles to find a place to lick the salt.

I have carefully researched such places. Their only common feature was the complete absence of sodium chloride (table salt). Moreover, there were no organic or inorganic sodium compounds on this soil at all. But there were many other substances needed by animals.

Why do cows get plenty of salt?

A person who has invested his money in a dairy farm usually tries to extract the maximum possible profit from it. Farmers noticed that adding cows to their diets makes them drink more water.

And the more water they drink, the more they give milk. However, as a result of a quart (0, 94 l) of milk contains a very large amount of salt (0, 5-1 g).

Go to an American school and look at the physical development of children. You will be amazed at how many fat people among them. They drink a lot of commercial milk, and, in addition, their food contains large amounts of salt.

Go to an American store and take a look at canned foods. They are all saturated with salt. Salt in milk, salt in vegetables and other products.

Sum up all this and you will understand why cardiovascular diseases have become the number one killer in our society.

We are a nation of salt addicts! Cheese, canned vegetables, bread – all the most popular foods are supersaturated with salt. Baby food is also overloaded with salt!

We are advised to take salt pills in hot weather. Many take for granted that salt lost through perspiration must be immediately replaced.

In many factories, the administration supplies workers with salt pills to keep them in good health, but do they need these pills? In my opinion – no!

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