Vitamins are another type of poison

Vitamins – this is another kind of poison, imperceptibly killing humanity

The pharmacological mafia has come up with many ways of mass killing people, and vitamins are just one of the weapons of murder. Those who advertise and sell these weapons are accomplices of murderers and are subject to punishment …

We are poisoned with vitamins. Exposure of the popular drug Moriamin

Today we will talk about supposedly useful: about vitamins. Synthetic vitamins, which are sold in pharmacies, have to be used one way or another. Given the high profitability of this business and lawlessness in Russia, manufacturers around the world are giving us more and more know-how, constantly promoting the cult of medical consumerism, fixing zombies, that without vitamins from the pharmacy, we just die. Most of the vitamins, when examined in detail, are not only useless, but also dangerous food additives or banned in normal countries.

Synthetic vitamins are dangerous

Researches of foreign scientists prove: tablets with multivitamins will not protect people from diseases and, quite possibly, they increase the risk of development of some forms of cancer. Purchased official opinion of specialists of the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Science: vitamins Russians do not have enough catastrophically – you need not eat 2-3 times a year, and monthly and packs. Find a specialist in Russia who would directly oppose the “regime” of vitaminization is impossible. Of course, the sick mankind is profitable forever for the pharmaceutical business. Russia does not conduct research, but abroad the use of multivitamins is seriously questioned.

Beta-carotene with vitamin A increases mortality by 30%, and with vitamin E – by 10%

This was discovered by scientists who studied the effect of multivitamins on the prevention of malignant tumors in the digestive system: “We could not find evidence that supplements with antioxidants can prevent the development of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract; on the contrary, they, probably, increase death rate “, – they write on pages of” Lancet “. The combinations of beta-carotene with vitamin A and E were worse than others (it was precisely these “vitamin culprits” that accumulated the main negative in recent years). Beta-carotene in the company with vitamin A increased mortality by almost 30%, and with vitamin E – by 10%. Although these indicators are statistically reliable, scientists do not speak about them with delicacy, but use the term “possible”. And once again they emphasize the need for further research to put all the points over i.

This time the scientists had the courage to calculate the possible losses associated with excessive enthusiasm for polyvitamins. “If the finding of scientists is correct,” David Formman of Lida University and Douglas Altman of the Cancer Research UK write in a commentary to the article in the Lancet, then of every 1 million people who consume such drugs, 9,000 people will die prematurely … “The prospect that some multivitamins not only have side effects, but can kill, they call” a frightening assumption.”

Zero result in cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention

Two years ago, in the Lancet, the results of a very large study of the Heart Protection Study were published. It involved more than 20 thousand people with a high risk of cardiovascular disease. They studied the protective effects of all the same antioxidants – beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. The result is zero!

During the five-year observation, the preparations did not interfere with the development of heart attacks, strokes and various cancers. At the same time, the content of the vitamins in the blood increased. But they somehow did not work. Despite these data, drugs and synthetic dietary supplements with antioxidants to protect the heart and blood vessels continue to be produced, registered and advertised. This happens not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

A very loud scandal occurred even earlier, in 1998. Then the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the organization, issued an official warning that synthetic drugs with beta-carotene and related substances should not be used to prevent cancer. Leading world scientists came to this conclusion, having analyzed the results of numerous studies on the prevention of diseases with beta-carotene and vitamin A.

“In none of these studies have drugs had a significant preventive effect,” then warned Dr. Harri Wainio, who heads one of the IARC offices. – Moreover, among smokers who received drugs, a higher risk of developing lung cancer and an increase in mortality from cardiovascular diseases were identified. Our group concluded that as long as there is no additional information on how synthetic beta-carotene and other carotenoids affect the processes leading to cancer, none of these substances should be sold to the public as drugs that prevent the development of tumors. Meanwhile, the prevention of cancer with fresh fruits and vegetables remains more effective than the intake of one or more such substances in the form of synthetic biologically active additives.

Years have passed, new data have appeared on the negative effects of beta-carotene and some other artificially synthesized antioxidants, but things are still there. Commercial use of such drugs continues. Serious studies that prove their effectiveness and safety, manufacturers do not conduct. Unlike drugs, “vitamin” is considered safe and useful a priori.

Moriamin Fort is an expensive unsafe dummy

Information from the manufacturer: The advertising company of this drug says that it is practically a panacea based on Japan technologies, an absolutely safe complex of vitamin and amino acids that can be taken even by pregnant women. We will not go into details, they are on the site. Reality: a complex of synthetic vitamins in low concentration, which does not even reach the daily norm, flavored with chemicals and dyes, poses a health hazard.

Myths about Moriamin

Myth: It saturates the body with all the necessary components, even athletes drink, which need a dose of vitamins more than usual.

True: the concentration of the substance is so small that even at the maximum dose specified by the manufacturer, it does not cover the daily need of an adult, especially for amino acids, apparently they are just the most expensive components of Miriamin, that’s saving. For example, the amino acid L-valine is required on the day 1300-3800 mg, and in Moriamin if you drink the maximum dose (3 capsules), you will get only 20.1 mg. Also with isoleucine: 2500 mg are necessary, and in 3 capsules of Moriamin it is only 17.7 mg.

Myth: the site lists only the composition of 8 basic amino acids and 11 vitamins.

In addition to useful components, we see some “auxiliary components” in the instructions, namely E104, E122, E155, E171, E216, E218, macrogol 6000 (laxative), hypromellose, magnesium silicate, acetic acid, starch, lactose monohydrate and others. .

I note that on no site there is a complete instruction, where the composition would be written – they left only useful, but we have a photo of the actual instruction, though the Ukrainian version, I think it will be clear anyway. It is not known what other hideous things they hid in the instructions … As we see, there is not much good in such a composition that the child would not in any case give. Muck it from the store products can get, but another thing vitamins! Why should they maim us ?! Look at the photos of the vitamins – here without analysis you can see that the dye is crammed decently (photo from the site of moriamin) …

Myth: The manufacturer – on the packaging it is written that the technology is Japanese, the distributor is England, but produced wherever you think ?! Of course, in China.

True: Japan a priori can not be a producer – look at the list above. In Japan, at least 2 dyes are prohibited, which are part of the composition. And what they have written on the site: there is an English, Russian and Ukrainian version. Usually, if the drug is of international use, there are more languages, and the Ukrainian one is generally an endangered species, not even on all Ukrainian sites, but here it is). Immediately clear target audience.

In support of speculation, we open the “Where to buy” page, specially in English. And suddenly there will be a lot of English-speaking countries indicated. What we see:


Probably, the Uzbeks need an English version of the site. I think everything here is clear without comments.

Prohibited in the civilized world, Moriamin is pushed into third world countries, while selling it at a price of about 30 euros for 100 pieces (per month). An excellent tool of extermination – sheep themselves will eat poison, and they will pay for it. Of course, the advertising company is powerful: here the design of advertising is pleasant, the packaging is serious, they are twisted on TV, and PR is not negligible on the Internet – there are only praises everywhere, but there is no sober reasoning.

In Europe and the United States, Moriamin is not for sale.

It can not be said that all vitamin complexes are dangerous. But with the example of Moriamin, we see how much information that is presented to us is far from reality. Synthetic vitamins will never benefit – better than natural vitamins from healthy food simply does not happen and it is unlikely to be. And all medicines are just literate PR and the desire of the world elite to squeeze a little more of the stupid sheep called “mankind” and in particular “Rashka”.

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