Cervical cancer found early is 100% curable. However, many women inexplicably ignore regular screening. 

Cervical cancer found early is 100% curable. However, many women inexplicably ignore regular screening. It is important to understand that cervical cancer has a long developmental period and may be asymptomatic. The disease develops within 7-15 years, gradually leading to severe consequences. Doctors recommend screening all women between the ages of 18 and 65 annually or once every two years.
Do not postpone your visit to the doctor and go through the necessary examination now.

How to detect

One of the best and most modern methods for early diagnosis of cervical cancer is the method of liquid cytology with Papanicolaou staining – Pap test. It is recommended by the World Health Organization as a diagnostic standard and allows you to detect the disease even when there are no clinical symptoms of cancer yet.
Compared to the traditional technique (smear on glass), liquid cytology has a number of important advantages.

1. The efficiency of liquid cytology is 99%. With the traditional method on glass, in some cases, the effectiveness is no more than 40% – therefore, the risk of missing the disease still remains. 

2. The biomaterial is taken into a special container in which the cells for research reliably retain their appearance and biological properties, which ensures the accuracy of the result. 

3. The potential of pathological cells (dysplasia) in relation to cervical cancer is reliably assessed, since the smear preparation process is automated and standardized. If treatment is required, the doctor will determine if more aggressive exposure is needed or conservative therapy is appropriate. 

4. In many cases, the results of the Pap test make it reasonable to avoid biopsy. 

5. Simultaneously with the Pap test, a Digene test can be performed to detect high risk of human papillomavirus. There is no need to re-hand over the scrapings. 

The Pap test is not only used to diagnose cervical cancer. Doctors also recommend it for gynecological pathologies of a viral nature (genital warts, genital herpes); having multiple sexual partners; long-term use of contraceptives, the appearance of atypical discharge from the genital tract, infertility.

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