What essential oils help lose weight?

You probably know that essential oils improve the condition of the skin and hair, help relieve headaches and ease breathing with a runny nose. But that is far from all that they are capable of. Those who are trying to lose weight, it will be useful to find out which essential oils help to lose weight. 

Specialists distinguish two main groups of essential oils that help to lose weight. The first group affects our weight indirectly. These oils restore our mental balance and, accordingly, the ability to control our behavior at the table. The second group of oils directly stimulates the loss of extra pounds, affecting our metabolism or appetite. We will examine in more detail how 4 essential essential substances for weight loss act. 

Most often, we lean on fast food when we are exhausted – psychologically or physically. As a result, imperceptibly for ourselves, we not only gain extra pounds, but also acquire concomitant sores. “Many of our eating habits are the result of fatigue, nervous strain, or stress,” explains Taz Bhatia , MD, health expert, and author of Super Woman RX. Just such a development of events will help prevent peppermint essential oil. According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine  The refreshing aroma of peppermint helps relieve stress after experiencing stress. So you will have much less desire to overeat on the nerves with cookies and chocolates. If you notice that you are prone to seize feelings, then try to carry peppermint essential oil in your purse and inhale its aroma in difficult times of the day. Lavender It has long been known that lavender essential oil helps relieve nervous tension and calm down. And this, in turn, will again help you deal with overeating if it occurs in response to negative emotions or strain. “When we are in a relaxed state, we don’t feel the need to eat something to increase our psychological comfort,” said Taz Bhatia . According to a study by employees of the Oregon University of Science and Health, in order to feel more relaxed, just inhale the aroma of lavender essential oil. However, for more serious work on his psychological state, Taz Bakhtiya recommends enjoying this smell in a certain yoga pose. According to the expert, the child’s position is best suited for this: sit on your knees, lower the body to the floor, arms extended in front of you, forehead and chest touching the surface of the floor. Inhaling the lavender smell, stay in this position for several minutes.  

Grapefruit This citrus flavor is a great way to boost your metabolism. As one of the animal experiments showed, inhaling grapefruit essential oil stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissue due to the innervation of the sympathetic nervous system. As Eric Zelinsky , author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils, explains , this effect provides a special chemical compound found in many citrus fruits – limonene . To boost your metabolism with grapefruit essential oil, just add a few drops to a bath, aroma lamp or your regular massage oil. Lime Animal studies have shown that the aroma of lime essential oil suppresses appetite and, accordingly, helps to lose weight. According to Eric Zelinsky , the same substance – limonene – holds back hunger . To get the maximum effect, the expert recommends mixing 12 drops of lime oil with 28 mg of some base oil (for example, almond or jojoba oil ), and then apply this mixture to the stomach or back of the neck. “A few minutes after that, the oil will enter the bloodstream,” adds Eric Zelinsky . Before eating lime essential oil, you can just breathe.  

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