The basis of beautiful skin is health, the components of which are sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity. 

The basis of beautiful skin is health, the components of which are sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity. But not an arsenal of dozens of cosmetics, as many people think. Excessive care, for example, as in the Korean system, can reduce the barrier functions of the skin, increase its sensitivity, cause inflammation, upset the hydrobalance . The result is unaesthetic rashes, redness and irritation, a dull color, loss of elasticity.

Try to change your habits, try to get rid of some completely, and you will be convinced that it is possible to look fresh at the minimum cost.

1. Always use sunscreen for the face. Excessive amount of sunshine starts the photoaging process of the skin, enhances pigmentation and wrinkles. Sometimes SPF filters are introduced into creams, but it is better to use a special Sanskrin , especially in spring and summer.  

2. Drink water. Moisture deficiency reduces the rate of metabolic processes in the skin. Dehydrated, it copes worse with the negative effects of the environment. Studies prove the norm of 8 glasses a day is a myth. Take the habit of drinking a glass of water three times a day, and if you feel thirsty, increase the volume of fluid.  

3. Do not smoke. It is difficult for many to quit smoking, try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes per day. Smoking leads to the formation of unaesthetic creases and wrinkles around the mouth, worsens the microcirculation of blood in the vessels – the complexion becomes unhealthy. Part of the toxic substances exhaled when smoking is deposited on the skin and harms it.  

4. Reduce the amount of alcohol. With regular use of alcohol, even in minimal amounts, the quality of the skin changes dramatically and this becomes noticeable (enlarged pores, fine mesh of wrinkles, grayish tone).  

5. Reduce the amount of refined sugar in the diet. Sweets, cakes, pastries – everything that contains refined sugar can do much harm. Excess sugar causes a glycation process – bonding of collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. The sad result is a sweeping oval of the face and sagging cheeks.  

Poor skin condition can be associated with pathological processes in the body, infection, deficiency of macro and micronutrients, hormonal failure. To find out the true reasons, you can perform a comprehensive screening of “Skin Beauty” in CITILAB. It includes studies on hormones, macro and micronutrients, as well as scrapings on demodex and fungi. The complex is universal, it is suitable not only for women, but also for men. 

Be always beautiful!

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