8 rules of training for burning fat

In this article, the training for fat burning is described in plain language. Follow all the tips and you will start to lose weight.

What you need to know …

  • If you are serious about training for fat burning and weight loss, then you should allocate time for proper nutrition. If you do not have time, FIND IT.
  • Too often people try to get rid of excess weight only by exhausting interval training for endurance. If you want to burn fat, then you should switch to more competent strategies. For example, exercises on exposure of your metabolism (about what metabolism), weight training, bodybuilding and body strength conditioning (type of training with a certain arsenal of exercises from related disciplines).
  • When developing a weekly training plan, do not lose sight of the fact that different training styles are responsible for the development and restoration of different systems in our body. You should leave a small temporary space between different states of physical “stress” – the body needs recovery from pain in the joints, back, after nervous tension and metabolic jumps.
  • In an effort to lose fat, spin between two types of activity – brief intense training and long workouts for endurance.

Want to lose weight? Drop all the stupid fitness tips – they will be perfect for your grandmother. Real training for fat burning provokes muscular growth. Here are eight rules for effective weight loss + a small workout program for fat burning and a plan to bring these councils into action.

Weight Loss Training – 8 rules

1.Your priority is food

Yes, this article is about training, but nutrition is the only and most important rule in getting rid of fat. If you really want to remove it, take the time to go shopping, cooking, to keep a diary of your food. If you do not have this time, FIND IT! Cut back on the time you spend on TV, phone and social networks.

If you have already cut all possible time to the maximum and you still do not have enough, exercise less, but devote more time to your nutrition. That’s right – we shorten the training! For example, in my fat loss program, I highlight Tuesday and Saturday for shopping and cooking. These days, of course, you can also practice, but if you are a really busy person, do not chase two birds with one stone at a time – take care of your food first.

As far as what is, there is no definite strict rule. Perhaps you already know what kind of food is preventing you from achieving your goals. Although, of course, there are a few basic rules. Try, for example, the paleo diet as the basis of the diet (only natural single ingredient foods, meat, fish, eggs along with yolks and vegetables), without restriction in products that help you achieve what you want. That is, if you take protein cocktails, supplements and supportive muscle growth products, do not throw them. Do not limit yourself to useful carbohydrates.

2.Choose a serious endurance exercise

Regardless of your goals, effective training depends on a system of correctly chosen exercises. Effective exercises for fat loss will help you achieve any new goals in the future. Pay attention to complex, complex exercises, consisting of several elements at the same time.

3.Become stronger

Most people believe that strength is important for building muscle and increasing the overall effectiveness of training. If your goal is only fat loss, then you need to burn as much fuel as possible. For this, your body should not be immune to this fuel. The main problem with cardio for fat loss is that the more you exercise cardio loads, the better the result, and to get even better results, you need to consume more fuel. Thus, your body becomes more and more susceptible to the fuel that you “fuel” it. With force training everything happens a little differently. The better your results in strength training, the more weight you can raise. The more weight, the more and more intense it will burn out of you that fuel. It is strength training (for metabolic restraint, for resistance) that makes us stronger, which effectively helps with fat loss.

4.Grow Musculature

Everyone who wants to lose weight should think about how to grow musculature competently. Most people know about this, however, I do not stop repeating this truth again and again. Just a few grams of muscle can carry daily responsibility for the loss of kilograms of excess fat!

5.Raise metabolism after exercise

A few years ago, scientists claimed that slow cardio workloads help us lose fat. However, this answer to the initially incorrectly posed question. Training to lose fat is not due to the fact that fat is burned during training, but because it is burned for the next 24 hours after training. Short-term, highly effective exercises create an oxygen deficiency, which accelerates our metabolism even during the day after training.

6.Make a wise schedule

Making up the weekly plan, consider the influence of different types of activity on your body, and the degree of stress obtained from these activities, for example:

General stressors: sprints, high jumps, training with a bar;

Strain of the dorsal musculature: high-speed training and endurance training, training until exhaustion;

Metabolic stressors: interval training (ideal for fat loss, but severe in terms of longitude recovery after them).

Do not forget about free from physical activity time between training. If one day you choose the most intense, heavy workouts, then switch to lighter loads the next day. A sample lesson plan will help you understand how this works.

7.Change strategies in a circle

The main rule for achieving any goal is to strictly follow the program. In most cases, those who try to lose weight, use only exhausting, high-intensity interval training. This, of course, is great, but for a long time their effect is not enough. For weight loss, several strategies are needed at once:

Exercises for Metabolic Exposure: Use moderate weight for complex complex exercise variables of medium severity for the entire body.

Strength training: Use more traditional methods of strength training – this will allow you to take more weight when training with weights.

Bodybuilding: Focus on muscular building – this will increase the metabolic rate. Do fast walking – this will help burn a few extra calories.

Body strength conditioning: Focus on the hikes in the gym and complex exercises with lifting weights.

Focus not only in the periodicity of training, but also in the periodicity of the diet. When some switch to a slightly lower intensity workout, they start to earn fat. And, of course, this is not from training – training can not provoke the growth of adipose tissue. If you switch from reinforced workouts to the lungs, do not forget to exclude carbohydrates from the diet and reduce the amount of calories consumed. Otherwise, you again begin to get fat.

8.Get out on the air

Man is created by nature for living outdoors. Naturally, this does not mean that you need to grab the bar and stomp on the street for public strength training. Just try to do something physically active outside the house more often. Run sprints, carry winter loaded sledge, take a sledgehammer and beat her old tire to half-death. Try to go to work out with weights in the park. Do not forget about the “Farmer’s Walk” (with dumbbells in both hands) immediately after training. Any activity outdoors not only burns calories, but also raises mood, reduces psychological daily stress and more and more brings you closer to the goal.


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