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Obesity is an excess of body fat. Since the most caloric components of food are fats (one gram of fat contains 9 kcal, and one gram of proteins and carbohydrates, only 4 kcal), it is most effective to restrict the consumption of fatty foods. Fats are lighter and faster stored, they add flavor and a pleasant smell, thereby increasing hunger and slowing the feeling of satiety. The more a person uses fat in his diet, the more body weight. High fat diet leads to an increase in caloric intake per day by half. It is important to remember that very many products (such as sausages, sausages, cheeses, etc.) contain hidden fats and, therefore, are quite high in calories. Currently, the world’s leading experts are generally recognized that a healthy diet, in which fats make up no more than 30% of the daily diet, prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

In order for fats from food to be absorbed by the body, first they must be split by the enzyme lipase, which is produced by the pancreas and enters the small intestine in small amounts shortly after eating. The action of lipase is that it increases the efficiency of the digestion of fats by the body.

Xenical is the first prescription drug that blocks the absorption of fats.

Xenical acts solely in the intestine, is not absorbed into the blood, blocks the enzyme lipase, which breaks down fats. In this regard, unsplit fats can not pass through the intestinal wall and are excreted from the body together with feces. Xenical is recommended to be taken three times a day with each main meal. It is necessary to know the mechanism of Xenical’s action. If the stool becomes fat and oily, therefore, you overeat fats. Thus, the appearance of fatty stool with Xenical is a kind of marker of excessive consumption of fat and requires a correction of the diet, that is, the restriction of fat consumed with food.

Questions and answers about Xenical

Who should take Xenical?

Xenical is indicated for people who are obese (BMI over 30), or overweight (BMI 25 to 30) and who already suffer from diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis or hypertension, or have risk factors for the development of these diseases.

How to start taking Xenical?

Only you or your doctor can decide if you should take Xenical.

What if I eat more than 3 times a day?

It is strongly recommended to eat several times a day. But you should not take more than 3 capsules a day.

What if I forgot to take a capsule with food?

Nothing wrong. You just decrease the effectiveness of the treatment a little.

Can Xenical overdose be dangerous? Xenical is safe. No cases of overdose have been reported. In experiments on patients who took large doses of the drug for a long time, no side effects were found. Remember: taking more Xenical does not increase the effect.

What happens if I stop taking Xenical?

Within 72 hours, it is completely removed from your body.

Xenical has no long-lasting effect.

How long can I take Xenical?

One of the beneficial results of taking Xenical is that in addition to losing weight, you change your eating habits and lifestyle. Over time, the goal you achieve is strengthened, and you continue to maintain weight with a diet. If you start to gain weight again. You can safely restart your Xenical reception again. Taking the drug for 2 years is safe for your health. Xenical can become part of your program to reduce body weight.

A few tips before you start taking Xenical help you more effectively reduce your weight:

  • Start lowering fats in your diet before applying Xenical.
  • Eat so much fat, so as not to cause side effects from the intestine.
  • Start filling out your nutrition diary a few days before the drug starts and continue at the time of taking the drug.
  • Take Xenical 3 times a day with food.
  • If your doctor or dietician offers you a special diet, make sure that it meets your nutritional preferences.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor or dietitian in the process of taking Xenical.

How safe and effective is Xenical?

Xenical is the most thoroughly tested controlled. Clinical studies have been conducted with more than 7,000 patients in the Americas, Europe.

Does Xenical interact with other medications? Clinical studies have shown that Xenical does not interact with most of the drugs used.

Xenical is safe, so why is it prescribed by a doctor? Obesity is a chronic disease that requires long-term medical supervision. Obesity and excess body weight can be combined with various serious diseases, such as: hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus. Therefore, a decrease in body weight should be under the supervision of a doctor.

How correctly to take Xenical?

Admission is 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals or within 1 hour after. Taking a capsule with every meal is convenient, and it’s easy to remember.

If I take more than 1 capsule, does it block more fat?

No. There is absolutely no benefit of taking more than the recommended dose.

Can I take a capsule with every meal?

If you miss meals, or your food contains few fats (be careful, “hidden” fats are found in many foods), there is no need to take Xenical, despite the complete safety of its intake. Taking a capsule with each meal will help you remember and prevent the wrong dosage of the drug.

First, answer the following questions:

  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have a risk of developing obesity-related diseases?
  • What weight would you like to have in reality?
  • How do you want to achieve this – by diet or some other way?
  • Do you want to fix the received weight?
  • What help do you need to control your weight (consultation of a specialist-a dentist, therapist, physiologist)?
  • Is this help available to you?

Do I need to take Xenical if I want to lose just a couple of kilograms before summer vacation?

Consult with your doctor. If you do not have the criteria for overweight described above, you can lose your little excess weight through a diet or exercise. Remember that you should not strive for rapid weight loss. This can be hazardous to health.

What is Xenical different from other drugs for weight loss?

Unlike Xenical, many drugs for the treatment of obesity act on the brain and reduce appetite. You eat less. Your weight is reduced – this is their effect. In order to get into the brain, these funds must go to the bloodstream. Therefore, these drugs have a number of side effects against the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. But, most importantly, they practically do not help a person change their eating habits and lifestyle. Therefore, as soon as you stop taking these medications, the weight will quickly return. Xenical, on the contrary, is not absorbed into the blood, i.e. Does not affect the brain. Xenical does not reduce appetite. It simply prevents the digestion and absorption of fats and helps you control the amount of fat that you ate.

Does Xenical become addictive?

No. Because Xenical does not affect the brain, it does not cause addiction.

If I accept Xenical, can I eat anything I want?

Yes and no. Basically, you can eat all kinds of foods that you like, but only in smaller quantities. This is dictated by the fact that Xenical should be combined with a moderately hippocaloric diet, i.e. Reduce the amount of calories consumed by about 20% (600 kcal daily). Consult your doctor or dietitian for a more detailed calculation of the diet. The amount of fat consumed during the day should be divided into approximately three main meals.

Do I need to follow any special diet?

No. The weight control program with Xenical takes into account your personal preferences. Reducing the number of calories and fats in the diet, you should not adhere to a special diet. If you are used to any particular low-fat diet, you can stick to it in the future. If you use your own plan, be sure to check with your doctor or dietitian. At the initial stages of your program, you can count calories. When you learn to choose the right products, the need for this will disappear.

Do I need to take extra vitamins?

With a decrease in the amount of food consumed, the intake of vitamins into the body may decrease. And, naturally, you should eat a balanced food composition, rich in fruits and vegetables. You need to discuss the need for additional vitamins with your doctor.

Do I need to do physical exercises?

Yes. Physical activity is an important part of any weight loss program and is necessary for health promotion. This does not mean that you have to run several kilometers a day or practice in the gym. The weight control program includes a plan that will help you gradually increase the level of physical activity in a simple and interesting way that will become part of your new lifestyle. Moreover, the weight control program recommends loads that will help you lose weight by consuming already accumulated fats, rather than through muscle tissue.

If I go in for sports and reduce the amount of calories consumed, what will Xenical receive me?

Xenical acts on fats. Blocking 1/3 of the fats of food with the help of Xenical, you further reduce the number of calories in food, without reducing the amount of food itself. This makes the process of dieting much easier. This makes the process of dieting much easier. Acting on fats, Xenical clearly reduces weight, prevents its subsequent recruitment, and, to a greater extent, reduces the risk of developing co-morbidities compared to patients using only a diet low in fat (hypocaloric diet).

If Xenical blocks the absorption of fat, does it reduce cholesterol?

Yes. Xenical reduces the level of total cholesterol, low density lipoproteins (“bad cholesterol”) and improves the ratio of low and high density lipoproteins in favor of the latter (“good”).

Are there any other benefits in taking Xenical?

In addition to reducing weight, Xenical reduces:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Dose of antidiabetic drugs taken (if you are sick with diabetes mellitus);
  • The level of triglycerides in the blood; – Fat of fat in the body;
  • Risk of diabetes mellitus type ii

How quickly will weight loss begin?

Weight will start to decrease immediately. The program of weight control with the help of Xenical is designed to ensure a stable reduction in body weight due to fats, and ensures a long-term control and prevention of re-weight gain. In international clinical trials involving thousands of patients, taking Xenical for 6-8 months resulted in weight loss, on average, 10% of the baseline body weight.

What will happen to my weight when I stop taking Xenical?

It is very important that you and your attending physician jointly develop real achievable goals for weight loss. Remember that even a small reduction in body weight will greatly improve your health. The loss of 5-10% of your excess weight leads to a significant reduction in the risk of developing diseases that are associated with obesity. Xenical helps to not gain weight again after weight loss. The first time you need to know and control the amount of fat in the foods that you most often eat, and switch to products with a lower fat content. Having become accustomed to such a diet, you can stop taking Xenical and then do not gain weight, tk. It’s not a drug, but your diet will allow you to save the result.

Can I start taking Xenical immediately?

It depends on how quickly you can control your diet, so that with fats you receive not more than 1/3 of all calories consumed. Thanks to this, you minimize the occurrence of side effects that you may have when taking the drug. This initial period can last from a few days to several weeks.

Does Xenical have side effects?

Xenical has no side effects that affect the brain. All side effects occur from the intestine, and are associated with the effect of the drug on fats. Fats which are not absorbed into the blood, mix with the stool. Excess fat content in food can be accompanied by the following phenomena:

  • Meteorism increased gas generation, with oily discharge
  • Increased intestinal peristalsis
  • Greasy / oily stool.

The frequency of occurrence of these effects depends on the nature of human nutrition. These phenomena can appear within an hour after eating, to last one or two days. They usually appear in the early stages of treatment, often only for a short period and always disappear after a while. It is important that you can control this effect by controlling the intake of fats. Remember: this is not Xenical, it’s the fats that you eat that cause these phenomena.




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