Alcohol is incompatible with weight loss and is on the list of banned products marked “categorically not allowed.” Many nutritionists put dry red wine on the same list, although it is believed that 150 grams of a drink per day does not cause harm, on the contrary, it can be beneficial for the body.

The body perceives alcohol as an enemy, toxic agent, tries to get rid of it by connecting the liver to the process, which in turn “postpones” all its affairs and actively starts cleaning.

At this time, fats and carbohydrates, left unattended by the liver, are forced to wait in line and gradually turn into fat. Thus, alcohol contributes to the accumulation of excess weight. And the feeling that after a party the body loses volume is deceptive. Just alcohol provoked dehydration.

In addition, alcohol itself is a fairly high-calorie product. Once in the stomach, ethanol promotes enhanced production of gastric juice, and also blocks the receptors of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for satiety. Therefore, any feast, backed by alcohol, in most cases leads to overeating.


From childhood we know that vitamins and minerals are essential for any person. Their deficiency causes the development of many diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in addition, immunity weakens, apathy appears, hair, nails and skin lose their former beauty. To get the amount of vitamins necessary for the body, it is not necessary to use pharmacy dietary supplements and vitamin complexes in tablets. It is easy to replenish their norm with ordinary food products, competently making a diet. A large storehouse of vitamins are fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. So bell pepper, Brussels sprouts and oranges are rich in vitamin C, and carrots, apricots and pumpkin are rich in vitamin A. Animal products are also a source of many natural vitamins and minerals. For example, there is a lot of vitamin D in cottage cheese, cheese and seafood, B – in pork, liver and egg yolks, and the daily allowance of zinc can be obtained by beef, chicken and offal. Nutrition must be organized and diversified so that with food a person receives all the vitamins necessary for normal functioning. Then we can say that this is proper, nutritious nutrition.


The benefit of vegetables in the proper nutrition of a person was also appreciated by our ancestors, especially when fresh. In contrast to the fruit, they contain less acid and simple sugars, and in comparison with meat and fish – can boast a complete absence of fat. Therefore, vegetables occupy a leading position in the diet of almost all people. Greens and vegetables should be consumed daily, regardless of the time of year. They are the basis of nutrition for athletes and people working in the field of physical labor. And their lack can lead to serious disorders of various systems and cause serious illness. Raw foods allow you to get the maximum amount of nutrients and the vitamins they contain. But also from vegetables, you can cook many delicious dishes, make freshly squeezed fresh or nutritious smoothie. Some types of garden “friends” vary greatly in their merits: for example, bell peppers are rich in vitamin C, carrots are the main source of carotene, potatoes are starch, and beets boast the presence of sucrose. The ideal proportion of meat with vegetables is 1: 3. Vegetables and herbs are easily fermented and facilitate the digestion of heavier foods. All nutritionists agree: a person who regularly consumes vegetables looks and feels better from someone who neglects the gifts of nature.

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