What are the benefits of Chuk algae

Chuka seaweed is a wild marine plant that can grow near the shores of Japan, China, and Russia. It is rich in iodine and minerals, contributes to weight loss and the treatment of many serious pathologies. Its extraction is simple, because it does not grow at a depth below one hundred meters. Japanese chefs have long included this product in the diet of the population, making sushi out of it, side dishes for protein dishes, and other recipes. It can even be pickled. Algae have a low calorie content and have a pleasant taste.

Composition of algae This is a useful plant with a unique composition, which includes iodine, selenium, copper, calcium, magnesium. In addition, it is rich in nicotinic acid, vitamins of groups B, C, E, A. They contain a large number of amino acids, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids, as a result of which they positively affect the body and have healing properties. The uniqueness of chuka algae and its benefits: After its use, blood vessels become stronger, the functioning of the heart is restored. A person who decides to add this product to the diet reduces the risk of a heart attack; It lowers cholesterol, restores the body if there is atherosclerosis; Algae helps improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. They help cleanse the body, removing toxins and toxins from it. After eating meals within patients with pestilence , increased bile secretion and an improvement in the functioning of the pancreas are noted ; Thyroid function is restored; Chuka seaweed salad promotes weight loss and lowers blood sugar; The body rejuvenates with the purification of the blood and excretory system. The ability to work increases and the feeling of fatigue decreases.

In addition, the Chukka salad will charge athletes and people who have great physical activity with proteins to build muscle tissue. Its benefits and harms depend on the individual characteristics of the person. This product is not suitable for some people due to allergies or intolerances.

Together with their use, the likelihood of oncology is reduced and genital abrasions are more quickly healed. The Japanese believe that algae can be used as an aphrodisiac . A salad of chuka raises the male libido, improves erection and stamina during intercourse. Its benefits and harms depend on the method of freezing, the place of growth. How to choose a chook in a store? The presence of beneficial components in the algae directly depends on the place where it grew earlier. It is transported to the store frozen. How algae is stored and how it is processed is also important. The benefits and harms also depend on these factors. If the frost was shocking and it froze in just a few seconds, its leaves have a bright green color. Such a product fully retains all the beneficial qualities. It is important that there is no snow or ice in the package. This means that the product was thawed. It can be dangerous to health, it is not recommended to take it.

It is better to buy algae in a package of transparent film, there you can understand the quality of storage of the product. In freezing, without opening a pack of chuck, it will not deteriorate for 12 months, and when the thawed packaging is opened, the shelf life is reduced to 30 days. A high-quality product of a bright green or malachite hue, elastic, with a delicate taste and a pleasant marine aroma. The benefits and harms depend on where the plant grew. In stagnant water, it cleans it and absorbs harmful compounds. What can be cooked The Japanese have long included this useful gift of the sea in the diet. It occupies a worthy niche in their national cuisine. An average resident of this country eats up to 10 kg of algae per year. They are used, as in our country, salad leaves, but its taste is more saturated, and the consistency is much milder. How to cook an unusual product? Recipe for seaweed appetizer with sesame seeds. For its preparation, take half a kilogram of chuka , 8 teaspoons of fried sesame seeds, art. l, starch. Tear seaweed with your hands, sprinkle with sesame seeds, enrich with starch and mix. You can complement the dish with cooked soy sauce. For its preparation, we need a third of a glass of water, 6 teaspoons of rice vinegar, 4 tsp . soy sauce, 6 tsp . granulated sugar and a little sesame oil.

Another variant of the popular dressing for this dish is sesame-based sauce. Take a third glass of cold water, half a teaspoon of sesame oil, 4 tsp . granulated sugar, 8 tsp . soy sauce, 4 tsp . rice vinegar. Melem grains of sesame seeds, they should be white. Take 6 teaspoons of them and season them with sauce. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until smooth. Recipe for appetizers from chuka seaweed and seafood When losing weight, it is important to eat varied, and chuka seaweed can be used to make such an appetizer: Take 150 grams of seaweed, 130 grams of squid, a pinch of sesame, a little butter for dressing, three quail eggs, a couple of spoons of soy sauce cayenne hot pepper; Fry sesame seeds in a hot dry frying pan; Boil squid in salted water. Do not cook for more than 2 minutes, otherwise, they will become “rubber”; Hard boiled eggs; Cut the cooled squid into thin strips; Mix the butter with the liquid sauce and marinate the squid; Cut the algae and add two thirds of the sesame seeds. We cut cayenne pepper and pour it to the chukka ; Pickled strips of squid carcasses are added to a common bowl; Mix the resulting dish and sprinkle with sesame seeds on top, decorate with half the eggs.

Sushi recipe with chuka seaweed To prepare this interesting and healthy dish, we need a minimum of food and time. Take half a sheet of nori (soy paper mamenori ), 100 grams of rice, iceberg lettuce, chuka seaweed , rice vinegar, sesame-based sauce. As well as pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Sushi is prepared as follows: Any rice can be taken. Cook it for a couple or usually. The main thing is that it does not crumble, but is sticky; We flavored the finished rice with rice vinegar; Cut kaiso and lettuce, mix with each other; We unfold the sheet and spread the rice on it, evenly distributing; Top with chopped leaves, roll up the roll; Before serving, the roll is cut into several parts; Serving the dish is recommended with pickled ginger, wasabi , soy sauce. If desired, ready-made mini rolls can be poured with sesame sauce.

Mushroom recipe Perhaps it is very similar to the classic Japanese seaweed recipe, and mushrooms with a complex name are easy to buy in any large supermarket. We take algae (400 gr.), Hot pepper, 4 teaspoons of sesame, pickled kikurage mushrooms (100 gr.), Water (half a glass), a spoonful of vegetable oil, tsp . rice or wine vinegar. For refueling, we need a teaspoon of starch powder, the same amount of sesame oil, 6 tsp . soy sauce, a teaspoon of sugar and salt. If desired, you can add it with peanut sauce.

You need to cook the dish like this: Cook seaweed in salt water. We drain the water, but do not take it far; This broth is preparing a dressing for the dish. Take 100 grams of decoction, thicken with starch, let cool; Add rice vinegar, enrich with spices, salt and sugar; Mushrooms are cut into small straws. Shred hot pepper; Sesame seeds are fried in a hot pan; Mix the ingredients, fill with dressing.

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