Asthenic depression

Asthenic depression is otherwise called wasting syndrome. It is considered a fairly mild form of the disease, but this does not mean that it simply does not need to be paid attention to. Its main manifestation is fatigue, which has nothing to do with what a person is doing. Even in the morning, just waking up, he feels fatigue and a desire to rest more; by the way, it is in the morning that this state manifests itself most clearly, but in the evening a person feels a little better. Therefore, it is important to understand how to deal with depression.

A person’s activity decreases, especially if the condition is gradually aggravated: if in a mild form a person can still perform his usual actions, go to work, even if through “I can’t,” then with a severe course of the disease he can hardly force himself to even wash and comb his hair … Such a state of depression is reflected in the personality of the person himself, who becomes a pessimist, loses faith in his capabilities and ultimately becomes indifferent to everything that happens around him.

Somatized form

The somatized form of depression, it is also masked, is a vivid manifestation of how our mind affects the health of our body. In this case, the brain literally inspires a person how he should feel, and these suggestions clearly do not benefit the body. Such a person will visit doctors, undergo examinations many times, take medications, but the healing effect can be expected only when the human psyche becomes the object of treatment. Such typical manifestations of depressive disorders as apathy, indifference to what is happening, negative attitude, in this case are hidden behind manifestations similar to real diseases. This is a real depression, what to do with it, it is better for a specialist to decide.

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