Beer – drink or not drink?

One of the many troubles in our country is the rapid growth of beer alcoholism. It is also sad that a large proportion of those suffering from this ailment are among the younger generation, who will have to continue the race, not to mention the concern for the welfare of the nation.

Young people have their own explanation for their adoration of the intoxicated drink – this is not vodka, can such a low-alcohol drink be dangerous and destructive? It is worth dispelling the desire of young people for beer, because this drink is really very harmful, especially in those frightening quantities in which our people consume it. Those who profit from poisoning the Russians impose erroneous judgments about the intoxicating drink, which in the end can lead to the death of our nation and country.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t drink beer

Let’s see why beer alcoholism is dangerous and who benefits from drinking beer for our youth? There are only five reasons why drinking beer is harmful.

Beer makes a person asexual creature

Everyone knows that if a person drinks a lot of beer, he necessarily gains excess weight, and not only because of the beer itself, but also because of the appetite that alcohol fuels. However, only a few are aware that beer leads to hormonal disruptions and figuratively speaking, a person becomes neither a man nor a woman, but something in between. The fact that a beer lover becomes a sexless fat person is a consequence of the processes occurring in the body under the influence of excessive consumption of beer.

For beer, the presence of a bitter taste is inherent, which is given to it by hop cones, they contain a substance that is a phytoestrogen . In other words, the drink, so beloved by many, contains a powerful hormone that is voluntarily introduced by the person himself into the body when drinking beer.

Under the influence of phytoestrogens, not only the appearance of a person changes, but also his character and habits undergo changes. It is worth noting the fact that with the help of hormonal medications, some people specifically change their sex, turning from a man to a woman, and vice versa.

Thus, a male beer fan, using this drink excessively, replaces his male hormones with female ones. This is reflected in its appearance: the belly grows, the hips increase in size, even cellulite appears, the breast increases its size. The heart also has a hard time, because it works for wear and tear, distilling excess liquid that comes in large quantities with beer, in the end, everything can lead to ischemia, and then to a heart attack. In addition to heart problems, others appear – since alcohol contains hormones, it is a substitute for a woman, therefore, potency decreases.

Women who drink large quantities of beer may also face problems caused by their hormones’ rearranging. Reproductive function suffers, and over time this can lead to infertility.

Is beer not a drug?

Any alcoholism, even beer, is an addiction. Often people cannot admit to themselves that they have begun to suffer from beer alcoholism. And the worst thing is that even realizing our addiction, it is very difficult for us to get rid of such a bad habit .

There are good reasons for this. The fact is that hop has narcotic properties, since it is a relative of hemp, there are even cases of crossing of hops and hemp. It is not unknown that one of the strongest drugs is made from hemp. In addition, hops release small amounts of morphine, which is found in heroin and opium. It turns out that beer and drugs are almost synonymous!

Is beer not vodka?

We often hear this expression from beer lovers. Let’s not argue, beer is really not vodka, because it is much “lighter” in strength, but everyone forgot about “fusel oils” by the number of which beer takes the leading place. These oils have a detrimental effect on the human body, and their taste is not particularly felt, since it is masked by the bitterness of hops. Scientists have proven that beer consumption increases the risk of breast cancer by thirty percent. Among the diseases provoked by beer, such as cataracts and other eye diseases.

Who benefits from selling beer to people?

Probably, few people know that in foreign countries the state is struggling with the consumption of beer, and every year its level decreases per capita. But they are silent about it, because talking about it is more dear to ourselves.

In our country, on the contrary, there are beer shops, advertising at every step – everything encourages people to consume this alcohol, advertising beer on TV with the help of non-alcoholic beer drinks.

What is the reason for all this? In fact, it is not so difficult to guess – the companies producing beer, mostly Western, it is profitable for them to sell beer to our people, and not to poison their population. The proceeds from sales, of course, go abroad.

Therefore, those who promote these companies in our country will be unprofitable to talk about the fact that beer is dangerous and destructive. Meaning? After all, if the mob from Russia and other third world countries do not buy and consume beer, then the western kings of beer will simply go bankrupt.

This explains the fact that beer production in Western countries is increasing, while its consumption, on the contrary, is falling. The answer is simple – what they make, we use.

People not needed by the West

In 2000, the US Secretary of State expressed the opinion of the “world community” according to which only 15 million people are rationally needed to live in Russia from an economic point of view. Already 10 years later, the effect of their activities in “cleaning up” the Russian population was visible. We see among us an alarmingly growing number of people suffering from alcoholism, drug addicts, smokers.

And the consumption of beer and the extinction of the nation are also directly related.

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