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What habits and addictions destroy health?

On November 28, in the conference hall of the Center for the Support of Civil Initiatives of the regional branch of United Russia, an off-site meeting of the Doctor Nigmanova School of Health was held . The event was attended by both regular students of the school and employees of the organization – a total of 17 people. The topic of the conversation was the formation of healthy habits, adherence to a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of risk factors.

Brains into the toilet

The speaker was Gulnur Nigmanova , an oncologist of the highest category, a specialist in palliative medicine , who has already made about 40 such presentations. The performance was accompanied by video projection frames. 

“What organs are most vulnerable to an unhealthy person?” – with this question Gulnur Khamzeevna began a dialogue with the audience. It turned out that all the most important – the heart, blood vessels, brain. The most harmful factors are alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. So far, unfortunately, not all citizens treat themselves with care in order to live a long and happy life, without wasting time on visits to doctors and money on medicines.  

“As an oncologist, I will say: there is no such organ that would not be a target for the harmful effects of tobacco,” Gulnur Nigmanova noted . – The spectrum of consequences – from cardiovascular pathologies and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract to infertility and impotence, not to mention the direct consequences – serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.

When asked by the audience about “healthy” doses of alcohol, the doctor noticed that this phrase is completely illogical: few today have access to really high-quality red wines, the use of which would be good for the heart, and “medicinal” doses of cognac contain a large dose of alcohol, which reduces to “no” the desired vasodilating and relaxing effect.

“The consumption of beer also needs to be limited, and women should be completely excluded, since this drink contains estrogens and affects the reproductive function,” Gulnur Nigmanova noted . – Men – fans of the foamy drink in a load of pleasure receive a “beer belly-apron” and the growth of mammary glands – gynecomastia. In addition, alcohol destroys brain cells.

“To put it simply, the next morning after a heavy drink, a person“ drains his brain ”into the toilet,” the doctor figuratively explained.

We are what we eat

Our health is determined by 65% ​​of our lifestyle, ” Gulnur Nigmanova emphasized . Among other factors, the drinking regimen is important: it is necessary to drink at least two liters of fluid per day, and most of it in the morning, so as not to load the kidneys closer to night.

“What should breakfast consist of? – Gulnur Nigmanova turned to the audience again . With the answer “From porridge, cereals,” the doctor agreed, but added that cereals should be alternated: the predominance of oatmeal, beloved by many, in the diet threatens the development of osteoporosis.

“Complex carbohydrates should be combined with protein, so it is advisable to start the day with cereal porridge with a piece of meat,” the speaker emphasized. “Another health rule: eat at least five types of vegetables and fruits a day.”

When the audience asked how she relates to the fast food popular today , the speaker answered sharply negatively. “It is surprising that many parents present trips to the fast food network as a reward, while this is a real blow to the child’s body,” she said. In childhood, gastronomic addictions are formed, which we take into adulthood. According to the doctor, the diet of her grandmother, who lived for 98 years, contained products traditional for the national cuisine in abundance: fatty meat, pancakes, butter, pies. But these were natural foods rich in natural fats, and not modified trans fats , which are dangerous not only for the waist, but also for the heart, blood vessels, hormonal system and, ultimately, for the appearance.

“How many centimeters should a man’s waist be?” – Gulnur Khamzeevna again addressed the question to the audience and confirmed the answer of one of the listeners: no more than 82 centimeters. Anything above is a “graveyard of male hormones”, an increased risk factor. Hence – the mass of pathologies in the reproductive sphere.

Continuing the topic of men’s health, Gulnur Nigmanova noted that representatives of the stronger sex should pay special attention to the “lower floor”: regularly, once a year, take oncomarkers of PSA – prostate specific antigen for the timely detection of adenoma and prostate cancer. According to her, the procedure is quite budgetary , at the same time simple and informative. Of no small importance for maintaining the health of the genitourinary system of men is a drinking regimen: a sufficient amount of liquid – water, decoctions of berries and herbs, etc. – useful and effective in the prevention of urological diseases.

Myths and truths about vaccines

According to the statistics voiced by Gulnur Nigmanova , about 80% of the population suffers from hypertension. High blood pressure is the most common cause of strokes, aneurysms, etc. Therefore, in mature and old age, it is necessary to control your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol in the blood, if possible, to diagnose cervical vessels – ultrasound. The audience was explained the difference between hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, the mechanisms of their occurrence – if the first is associated mainly with arterial hypertension and affects mainly young people, then the second is caused by cholesterol plaques and is more common in older people. During the conversation, it became clear that many of those present are not only aware of this, but also keep their indicators under control. According to Gulnur Nigmanova , the subjective absence of complaints cannot be a reason to consider oneself healthy.  

One of the listeners asked why, with a predominantly plant-based diet, high physical activity and the absence of bad habits, the cholesterol level is still higher than normal, the doctor replied that this is probably genetically determined and cannot be corrected. 

The speaker also paid attention to the topic of vaccination. “How many of you get seasonal vaccinations?” – Gulnur Khamzeevna addressed the question to the audience. The result did not please the doctor: there were no more than 5 of them.

“That’s in vain! – summed up the doctor. – I have been vaccinating every year for many years, and have not lost a single day in my life due to illness. The danger of vaccinations, harmful components in vaccines, the advantage of imported drugs over Russian – these are myths fanned by unscrupulous media. But the fact that the flu, with its complications, takes hundreds of lives every year is a harsh truth. Vaccination is included in the social guarantees program . The most that a vaccinated person is at risk is a slight short-term malaise. But he gains confidence that a serious infection and its formidable complications will bypass him. ” 

Unfortunately, Gulnur Nigmanova noted , even fewer people consider it necessary to get seasonal vaccinations – against tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis, etc. “Vaccination is required! – concluded the doctor. “Today, any analyzes and research can be done in the laboratory.”

Why are astronauts carried around?

A separate section of the conversation was devoted to physical activity, which many people lack today. In this regard, the doctor noted, Scandinavian walking is very useful – it is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus, disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the shoulder girdle, improve coordination.

“The more we move, the stronger our bones are,” Gulnur Nigmanova said . – Why do you think astronauts are carried on their hands when they return to earth? Not only because they are heroes, but also mainly because in the process of weightlessness and long-term deficit of movement, bones are actively losing calcium, ”the doctor said. Therefore, if injured elderly people refuse to move and lie down on the sofa, there is a danger that they will lie down at all. But moderate physical activity will help to concentrate calcium and strengthen the limbs.

Together with the speaker, the audience enjoyed practicing motor exercises that will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Gulnur Nigmanova , the psychological state of a person plays an important role in maintaining health. An optimistic attitude and a positive outlook on life will help maintain good health and active longevity.

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