His own enemy. A doctor about habits that kill

It’s “Time for Health”

For the third year in a row, the regional editions of the Argumenty i Fakty Publishing House are carrying out preventive actions throughout the country. This is a joint project with the Ministry of Health of Russia “Time for Health”.

A week ago “AiF-Yug” organized a lecture at the regional union of trade unions in Krasnodar. The second meeting was held at the Krasnodar Institute of Higher Nursing Education. Alexander Goryachev, a methodologist at the Center for Medical Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Territory, told the students about the dangers of smoking and why even at a young age you need to know your health indicators: anthropometry, blood glucose and cholesterol levels.  

“Statistics show that after graduating from school, 60-70 percent of graduates have health problems, although in the primary grades only 5-6 percent of them,” says the doctor. – This is due to the high academic load, lifestyle, development of civilization. In the first place are the problems of the musculoskeletal system, including scoliosis. Then – visual impairment: myopia, astigmatism and other abnormalities, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, gastritis, dyskinesia. ” 

It’s time to quit!

According to the expert, human health is 50 percent dependent on lifestyle, and these are food, exercise, sleep, stress and bad habits. Organs and systems wear out over the years. This is an irreversible process, but everyone can slow it down. And vice versa, you can grow old ahead of time.

“Smoking is social at first. For example, a teenager imitates adults in this way, tries to stand out among his peers with a bad habit . Over time, biological dependence is formed, i.e. a person can no longer do without cigarettes physically. Substances contained in tobacco smoke, in particular nicotine, have a narcotic effect. About four hundred more different chemical compounds are formed during combustion. They are all poisons. Thus, a person deliberately poisons his own body, introduces toxins into it: arsenic, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, etc. It has been proven that many of these substances have a carcinogenic effect, i.e. provoke the development of cancer. The most common is lung cancer. The entire respiratory system suffers, starting from the oral cavity, and the body as a whole. Long-term tobacco use is self-poisoning. However, a smoker harms not only himself, but also those around him, who are nearby due to circumstances. Passive smoking also has a negative effect on the body, as well as direct. ”  

Stroke got younger

Alexander Goryachev talked with students about the leading diseases in modern society – coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus.

“Atherosclerotic plaques are small at first, then enlarge until they completely block the vessel. As a result – myocardial infarction or stroke. Brain cells and heart muscle cells are the most sensitive to a lack of oxygen and the first to respond to a decrease in oxygen . The plaques contain cholesterol, which accumulates as a result of inappropriate nutrition, when fats dominate in the diet. It is not processed, but deposited on the walls of blood vessels. The second aggravating factor is physical inactivity, or a sedentary lifestyle. “

The doctor asked young men and women if they knew their basic health indicators – cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

“You need to know this. Unfortunately, the stroke has become much younger lately . Quite a few cases have been reported at both 20 and 30 years of age. Type II diabetes is spreading catastrophically. This disease is also directly related to lifestyle and diet. Excessive consumption of easily digestible carbohydrates: sweets, confectionery, carbonated drinks, fast foods is a direct road to gastrointestinal problems, diabetes mellitus, overweight. ” 

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