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Gastronomic delights are waiting for us at every step, but you want to eat a lot of food and do not get fat, so the question arises: how to eat and not get fat? Eating is tasty and many of us want, but why can some of them get fat from every extra piece, and someone remains in perfect physical shape, without limiting himself in food? It’s all about the products that we use and in such an important process as metabolism.

Why people get fat Scientists identify the following reasons why people get fat:

  • Sedentary lifestyle. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle slow down metabolism, blood circulation, which gradually leads to obesity.
  • Incorrect food. A large number of harmful products, the constant excess of the daily calorie rate negatively affects the health of the body and appearance.
  • Chronic fatigue, stress. When we are in a state of constant stress, the body begins to produce cortisol, a hormone that regulates metabolism. At an excess level of a hormone the person starts to get fat.
  • ┬áDiseases of the body. Some diseases, for example, like hypothyroidism, kidney failure, menopause in women, are the causes of a set of extra pounds.

Why some people eat and not get fat

We look with envy at people who can afford to eat a lot and not worry about their appearance. We think they know the answer to the question: how to eat and not get fat? In the women’s society, such luck becomes a reason for envy, because this is the dream of every girl. Many explain what you can eat and not get fat, successful genetics, luck or just keep silent.

It is proven that people who spend a lot of calories simply need to eat more food throughout the day. It is not necessary that this person does a lot of sports, just need to use the elevator less, actively gesticulate, spend free time, play with children or dance in the club. People who move may think less about the caloric content of the foods they eat.

A person with a high percentage of muscle mass of the body is able to consume more calories than just a lean person, or one with lean muscles. Muscle mass even in a state of rest burns calories, so do not be surprised that a smart and beautiful girlfriend eats cakes every day and does not think that she will get better.

People who include many “right” foods in their diet can afford to eat more food. Calorie salad with olive oil is much less than a hamburger from fast food. If you want to eat more and not get fat, eat as much vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish.

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