Exercises for the pectoral muscles for girls

The musculature of the chest, if it is well developed, allows you to perform many exercises with less stress and less risk of injury. In this case, the general muscle tone becomes such that, when the loads on the upper part of the scapula do not go to the protruding position, they remain lowered. This is only possible when the front gear muscle is developed . With its weakness to keep the shoulder blades pressed against the chest is difficult.

Chest muscles

By the chest muscles include:

  • pectoralis major muscle;
  • small pectoral muscle;
  • coraco-shoulder muscle;
  • front bundle of deltoid muscle.

Elaboration of all these muscles refers to the training of the thoracic. The beautiful half of humanity also should not neglect these workouts.

Features of breast training for girls

Let us turn at the beginning to the anatomy of the female breast. The mammary glands consist of connective and fatty tissues, and only under them are the muscles that can support the breast in a tone, even if age changes have occurred. Do not be afraid that training will lead to an increase in the breast. But you shouldn’t hope for it either. As well as assume that you get a flat chest, like an athlete. The elasticity of the breast itself will not change, but its shape may change somewhat, because under the mammary glands the shape of the muscle changes. Perhaps the fat will go, but it will not reduce the size of the bra that you wear, because it will increase muscle mass.

If you want your chest to appear elastic and high, then you need to monitor your posture. For this, too, there are exercises.

Exercises for muscle groups

All listed muscle groups have their own exercises. Depending on what needs to be worked out, we divide the exercises into groups:

  1.   The pectoralis major muscle can be affected by adduction, horizontal adduction, inward rotation and flexion of the arm.
  2.   It is possible to influence the small pectoral muscle by diluting, rotating outward and lowering the shoulder blades.
  3.   The front bundle of the deltoid muscle can be affected by bending and rotating the arm inward.
  4.   The coraco-shoulder muscle can be affected by horizontal adduction of the arm.

In this way, you can create groups of exercises if you understand which parts of the muscles work.

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