Smile gritting your teeth

“I would like to starve, because I believe that this will miraculously help me. But I cannot starve because of the terrible torments that torment a person during the first three days of starvation. ”

I heard this many times when I spoke about the miracle of starvation in my lectures. To such people, I have one piece of advice: “Clench your teeth and smile.”

“I once tried to starve, but I became so weak and I felt so bad that I started eating again.” This is another statement that I often hear. I have never said in this book that it is easy to endure fasting.

Food has become such an important part of our life that if you take food from people and offer them to starve, they will experience a lot of physical and mental difficulties. This is the main reason for the unpopular fasting. People are slaves of habit.

Sometimes I have the pleasure of staying at the gorgeous new Rockefeller Hotel in the Hawaiian Islands.

This is a good American hotel, in which the price includes meals. Breakfast at 7.30 am, lunch at 12.30 and dinner at 7 pm. Whenever I walked past the dining room during these hours, the guests were eagerly waiting for the door to open and they could be full.

The doctor of the future will not give medicines, but will interest the patient with a suitable diet.

Were people hungry during these hours? How could this be?

Most of the guests did nothing, except that they were lying on the beach, playing cards or reading. They have done absolutely nothing to earn food, but they are sure that they should eat at these particular times.

It was the same on the ship on which I was returning home to California. There, too, a crowd of people eagerly awaited for the doors to the dining room to open.

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