Your tongue never lies

Your tongue is a magic mirror. From your tongue you can easily find out how much toxic material has accumulated in your cells and organs.

The tongue is a mirror of the stomach and the entire digestive system. In our body there is a ten-meter canal stretching from the mouth to the anus. It accumulates heat and moisture.

Through this channel passes all the food that we eat. Different foods require different times to pass through this channel.

Most people today eat refined, heavy, acid-forming foods. They absorb large amounts of white flour, refined sugar and saturated fat.

Most of these so-called civilized rations do not have the necessary density, moisture and fiber to quickly pass through this channel.

I believe that there is a common factor preceding or accompanying many diseases. This factor is constipation.

They explain constipation by various reasons, but, in my opinion, it is logical to say that if the output is not equal in number and frequency to input, then constipation happens. Constipation can be the beginning of many serious illnesses.

Nowadays, people are used to thinking that there will be no harm if there is anything and as often as you like. We were taught to eat a hearty breakfast to stock up on energy in the morning, but then many more replenish their stocks with a second breakfast.

Then lunch, afternoon coffee, a full dinner, then snacking in front of the TV and just before bedtime. All this is still aggravated by ice cream, cooked with fat cream with the addition of salty nuts. This means that the digestion process takes place six or more times a day.

As a result, a person believes that if intestinal emptying occurs once a day, usually in the morning, then constipation does not threaten his digestive system. But this is completely insufficient to remove the remnants of all the food that people cram into themselves.

As a result, the decomposed residues are deposited in the intestine, where they undergo enzymatic and bacterial transformations, which often causes serious diseases.

The human body is quite reliable, it can cope with a large excess of absorbed food, mostly harmful to him. It is very difficult to convince people that they eat wrong, and by emptying the intestines once a day, they actually suffer from constipation and that serious troubles will follow.

But there is one warning symptom – unhealthy language that can tell these people what a terrible threat they carry in their bodies.

If you starve for two or three days in distilled water, the “magic mirror” – the tongue – will directly tell you what terrible mass of fermented poison we have accumulated in our intestines. The tongue is covered with white toxic bloom, which emits a heavy odor.

Remove plaque completely, and after a few hours it will reappear. This is an accurate indicator of the amount of toxic precipitation, mucus and other poisons accumulated in the cells of the whole body, which are removed from the inner surface of the stomach, intestines and other organs during fasting.

It is very difficult to believe in the amount of toxic material that an ordinary person who considers himself a healthy person to carry.

In my opinion, the cause of many diseases lies in the blockage of the digestive canal, even when it comes to diseases of the circulatory system or the respiratory system. I believe that poisons, absorbed by the intestines, poison all body systems.

Covering the tongue with bloom during fasting, nature definitely shows that the body has a large amount of toxic material.

The structure of tissues, especially of such vital internal organs as the kidneys, liver and glands, resembles a sponge. Imagine a sponge, the pores of which are filled with a thick mass.

I have observed hundreds of cases of starvation in my life and I know how many toxins accumulate in the body of a person living on a standard American diet.

Suppose a person has a cold. He would stop, wonder why so much mucus and fluid comes out of the body through the nose and throat. But this organism is forced to release the lungs, the kidneys, the gallbladder from the poisons accumulated there, experiencing a kind of crisis.

So, to learn more about yourself, start with a thorough examination of your own language. Language is an organ that accurately reflects the state of its surface, the health or unhealth of each part of the body.

The Magic Mirror can be your guiding star on the path to super-health .

The more carefully you follow the fasting schedule, the better you eat, the clearer your tongue becomes. Pure language is a sign that you are firmly on the path to a new life, free from disease, fatigue and old age.

A person does not die of old age, because there are no special diseases, especially confined to the elderly. Most diseases afflict the young with the same force as the elderly. And many of these diseases come from overloading the body with toxic substances.

Maintain cleanliness in the body by starvation and eating only good natural food. Your tongue and your urine will show you the path to inner purity. Watch them carefully during the fast.

The human body was created in accordance with the laws of physics and chemistry. They never change. These laws are written on every nerve, every muscle, every member of our body. These laws govern the cells, tissues and organs of the body, imposing certain functions on them.

These laws operate mainly through a complex network of nerves that permeate the entire body. They act through the central nervous system, in which nerve impulses originate, and through the vegetative nervous system, which is not under the direct control of consciousness.

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