Foods to avoid

Foods to avoid 4

* such as jam, jelly, marmalade, ice cream, sorbet, cakes, candy, chewing gum, sweet drinks, pies, cookies, puddings, sweetened fruit juices, fruits, preserved in syrup;

* ketchup, mustard, spicy tomato sauce, marinades, green olives;

* salted foods: crisp, salted nuts, salted crackers, etc .;

* products from rough rice;

* industrial ready meals such as cornflakes (cornflakes) and similar products;

* fried food;

* saturated fats and hydrogenated oils (enemies of your heart);

* products containing cottonseed oil; if the packaging says: “vegetable oil”, first find out what it is, and only then decide whether you need to use it; 

* margarine (containing saturated fats and hydrogenated oils);

* peanut butter, which contains hydrogenated oils;

* coffee, coffee drink, tea, spirits;

* tobacco;

* fresh pork and pork products;

* smoked fish of any kind;

* smoked meat, ham, bacon and sausage;

* hot dogs, salami, foods rich in nitrates;

* dried fruits containing sulfur dioxide as a preservative;

* chickens fed with growth promoters;

* canned soups (read the composition on the label, paying attention to the content of sugar, flour, starch and preservatives);

* flour products (white bread, rye bread with wheat flour, biscuits, pastries, cakes, waffles, soda crackers, pasta, spaghetti, pizza, etc.);

* stale vegetables, previously cooked salads, warmed potatoes;

* self-medicating – no aspirin, antihistamines , magnesia, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, painkillers, bromides.

You do not have enough qualifications to prescribe medication. The consequences can be serious.

I am against enemas during fasting

I have read many books on fasting, and most of them recommend daily enemas during fasting. I have a completely different point of view.

I am against enemas except in extreme cases. Only when the intestine absolutely refuses to work, can an enema be used, but only as a last resort.

If you compare an enema with a powerful laxative, it will be more preferable, although it has its drawbacks.

In the case of frequent repetition, it strongly irritates the tissues and washes away the important microflora of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, necessary for the normal functioning of the intestine.

During fasting, your body is in a state of physiological rest. Since food does not enter the body, intestinal peristalsis stops.

The whole system of selection at this time is resting, and you should not interfere with this. The body has its own sanitary and disinfection service, working in the intestines, so during fasting often there is no bowel movement.

Do not worry about this and do not use an enema or laxative. Let your bowels rest easy, because it is for this purpose that you are starving. The general idea is to allow the rest of the mighty excretory system to rest.

Occasionally, bowel movements may occur during fasting. But if this does not happen, then this does not mean that you are poisoned. When you, after fasting, start with natural food, the intestines will work more and more regularly.

Alcohol steals health and life from thousands of young people and girls. You can not simultaneously consume alcoholic beverages and ensure their health and vitality. It is impossible to feel good being dependent on such a stimulant.

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