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One of the biggest experts in the science of body cleansing and nutrition was John Tilden , MD, from Denver.

This eminent scientist went down in history as one of the most skilled doctors. His method of treatment included fasting and food with a predominance of fruits and vegetables. He lived for more than ninety years and was actively engaged in healing until his very last day.

Another expert nutritionist is the renowned John Harvey Kellogg , MD, who for 60 years was the director of the famous Bottle Creek Sanatorium in Michigan.

Dr. Kellogg also specialized in a vegetarian diet, which in his institution helped many people regain health. I had the honor to study under the guidance of Dr. Kellogg and I consider this time to be a very significant event in my life.

At the turn of the century, I assisted Bernard MacFadden , the father and founder of the movement for physical culture.

Mr. McFadden first tried vegetarianism, and then settled on a mixed diet that included meat and fish. This was another person who believed in a mixed diet and lived to almost 88 years.

I happened to deal with many specialists who managed to intensively treat people with the help of a natural nutrition system.

In the early twenties, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. St. Louis- Estes , who was a pioneer and strict follower of raw foods . I have seen many former patients recovering from their diet.

Dr. Benedict Lust was the founder of naturopathy in America. He created a large school of naturopathy in New York and raised hundreds of naturopaths who spread his teachings throughout the world.

Dr. Henry Lindlar was called “a doctor without drugs,” he first proclaimed the return of therapy and prevention to natural methods.

Professor Arnold Eret , in my opinion, was one of the greatest nutritionists. He created a method of treating a ” slime-free diet,” which was based on vegetarianism.

I know many students of Professor Eret , who reached 80-90 years in full health thanks to following his system.

I can name many other nutritionists with whom I knew or worked together.

Some of them promote a mixed diet, others – strictly vegetarian, and others – raw foods , but they all have one thing in common: they insist on eliminating all processed and refined products created by our civilization from the diet.

I cite a list of foods that all of these and other leading figures of the science of nutrition recommended to exclude from the diet.

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