Vegetarianism vs meat eating

For more than fifty years I have been a nutrition specialist, and all these years there has been a fierce dispute between vegetarians and meat eaters. Both sides are trying to confirm their point of view with scientifically sound arguments.

I am not going to agitate you for this or that direction. Hundreds of books have been written on this subject. As for me, I exclude from my life only the word “never” when it comes to food.

For many years, following a program of fasting and a diet containing mostly fresh vegetables and fruits, my body has become so sensitive that it absolutely accurately tells me what to eat every time.

During all these years I have completely lost the habit of meat and fish, my diet consists of fresh and boiled vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, yeast and beans.

But there are times when the body tells me to eat some meat or fish, some natural cheese, or a fresh egg. In other words, my food instinct has evolved.

Sometimes it happens that for four or five years I don’t eat meat or fish at all, but then the body wires that it is necessary to eat a piece of meat or fish. Such an inner voice perfectly helps me.

Mostly by lifestyle I am a vegetarian. I was raised on a large farm, which contained hundreds of pigs and cattle, which were slaughtered there.

But murder has always been disgusting to me. I have never been engaged in hunting and fishing, because I do not like to kill anyone.

I made 13 expeditions to the uninhabited countries, where among the natives I saw many strong, healthy people living on a vegetarian diet. On the other hand, I also saw a lot of natives who admired with their health and included animal food in their menu.

During one trip to the southern seas, I saw on the islands magnificent representatives of the human race, their menu included not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but also fish, poultry and meat.

Therefore, I try to take as far as possible a more moderate position in the dispute over vegetarianism. I feel that by cleansing and improving my body, we develop in it a subtle sense of the need for certain products.

A harsh diet arms the body against all external troubles. Therefore, it is not so easy to heat, cold and fatigue.

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