The ideal program for good digestion

Living on a diet that contains everything you need, I adhere to the following order. The first bowel movement occurs early in the morning after waking up.

Several rotational movements of the body allow me to achieve complete liberation. As I said, I usually do not eat breakfast, because I believe that such a diet is more beneficial to health.

A few hours after waking up, I eat something from fresh fruit — pieces of pineapple, banana, orange, or a few apricots. I can eat and prunes.

About an hour after that, I make my first meal of the day, usually a fresh vegetable salad based on carrots, cabbage and greens.

To this, I usually add avocados, which together with cabbage, carrots and greens become a good stimulant for the digestive tract.

I took as a rule the first thing to eat salad. Because I believe that we should accustom our bodies to the perception of only natural food. Most start their meal with soup or broth, as well as sandwiches or bread.

In my opinion, this is completely wrong, because it is raw food at the beginning of the meal that stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, because raw vegetables are richer in natural stimulants. It is necessary for proper digestion.

Therefore, I insist that you eat fresh vegetables at the beginning of each meal, and after several years of such nutrition, you will feel that your body does not perceive a different beginning of food.

As a result, you can bring your consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits to 60 percent of the diet.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are food that is rich in vitality, just such food that is prepared for us by nature, these are living foods that have accumulated solar energy.

I’m not going to say that your diet should be 100 percent raw vegetables and fruits, because I do not think that a modern civilized person can live like his ancestors lived five to six thousand years ago.

That is why I believe that an ideal diet of 60 percent consists of raw fruits and vegetables and 20 percent of protein foods. This protein can be in the form of meat, fish, eggs, natural cheese or in its vegetable form, for example, in nuts and seeds. Brewer’s yeast and sprouted wheat can also be an important part of protein nutrition.

The last 20 percent of the diet, in turn, are divided into three parts.

One third is natural starch, obtained from bread, rice, legumes. Another third is natural sugars contained in dried fruits, honey, and juices.

The last third consists of natural unsaturated fats, such as sunflower, olive and soybean oil, or any other unsaturated oils.

Natural starch, sugars and oils – is a highly concentrated food, so they should be consumed in small quantities.

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