Fasting Awakens Mind

I, like my disciples, who consciously and persistently starved, opened wide the doors to spiritual and intellectual perfection. If I read a book today, its content is imprinted in my brain as clearly as if I were holding a book in front of me. I have a photographic memory.

After a three-day fasting, you will notice that the veil falls off your mind. You can reason more logically, make better decisions faster. What seemed like a serious problem earlier is becoming clear and simple.

After fasting, you will not be afraid of anything, and what previously disturbed you will be easily overcome by the enlightened mind.

The consequence of my own fasting program was the inner harmony of the mind, and I feel more relaxed and serene, in harmony with myself and with the world. Clearing your body and soul, you are elevated, become a positive-minded person.

Memory sharpens like a razor blade. You may recall the names, places, and circumstances of events that happened to you many years ago. You become more capable of self-education.

After all, education is not a preparation for life, it is life itself. Mental and spiritual cultivation is the greatest goal that we humans can set for ourselves. Thus, fasting affects us in three ways – you cleanse yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. And as a result enjoy superviability and superhealth !

Your brain becomes like a sponge that absorbs new facts and knowledge. And most important of all is the inner peace and peace of mind that make our life beautiful. With the help of starvation, you will gain wisdom, the greatest and rarest property in modern life!

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