Biblical patriarchs starved

We know that in biblical times, patriarchs often starved. Moses, David, and others starved for 40 days. We know that Christ was hungry for 40 days before he began to preach the great truth of life.

We read in the Bible that Christ sent forth his disciples, saying to them: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out the devils: what you give, you will receive.”

Christ knew the dangers that await those who dare to bring the truth to people. Therefore, he instructed the students in these words: “Look! I send you forth like sheep to a pack of wolves: you must therefore be wise, like snakes, and meek, like doves! ”

As in those times, so now there are sowers of gloom and fear around those who decided to starve. I heard people arguing the unscientific starvation. When I asked them whether they themselves had ever starved, they invariably answered: “Never!”

These ignorant people adhere to the myth of necessity to maintain their strength; otherwise, illness is inevitable. How far it is from the truth!

Some inconveniences that may accompany starvation for several days only happen because we are slaves of habits.

If you endure the first three days of fasting, then in the future it turns into pleasure. Appetite disappears, food thoughts disappear, an enormous amount of energy is added. Of course, if you are overwhelmed by poisons and starvation will remove them from the body, then you may feel some discomfort.

But it is short and should not cause any alarm. It only means that fasting works for you. You know that you are starving in order to cleanse your body of poisons and decomposition products that have accumulated in you.

When you feel some inconvenience, you can say to yourself: “This is temporary. It will pass as soon as all the old toxins are removed from the body. ” But what a wonderful reward you will get for this minor discomfort!

Your eyes will become brighter, all sensations will become sharper! After fasting, you will begin to perceive food differently, fruits and vegetables will seem unusually tasty, thanks to the fact that all the taste sensations are updated.

Your body will not know fatigue, and sleep will become as it was in childhood. Only those who are really hungry can realistically appreciate all the enormous benefits that they gained after that.

Do not be a slave to the stomach

Most people are slaves of their stomachs; they should have breakfast, lunch, dinner regularly at the same time of day for the rest of their lives. They eat, no matter if they are hungry or not, their poor body is overloaded with excess nutrition and at the same time with poor nutrition.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we have so many health problems. Professor Arnold Erest, one of the largest nutritionists, said:

“Life is a tragedy of nutrition!” As the old saying is true: “A man digs his own grave with a knife and fork.” Many never give rest to their stomach.

They constantly overload their system of excretion and digestion with an excess of food. Such an overload ultimately disables these organs. The whole body is also struck.

After fasting, you will find that you no longer need the amount of food you are used to. Fasting will reduce the volume of the stomach, and you will feel better, look better, although there will be about half as much as what you have taught yourself before.

I am a physically active person. I place high demands on my body, and I eat easily twice a day. I never have a snack between meals. Snacking, as well as compulsory food, expelled from my life.

For years I have been practicing 24-hour fasting once a week and seven to ten days three to four times a year. After fasting, you will see how your eyes will sparkle and how the color of your face will change. You will gain new life energy because you will remove a heavy load from your blood and internal organs.

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