The fold under the buttocks is a typical aesthetic problem that is familiar to many women firsthand and gives them some psychological discomfort. It is quite possible to solve it, but patience and an integrated approach will be required.

Why do folds appear under the buttocks

There are not so many reasons for the appearance of an unaesthetic fold under the buttocks (or even two – three):

  • Low muscle tone (sedentary lifestyle, minimum physical activity). They simply are not able to support the skin, it sags, forming folds. A similar effect is observed in infants who simply do not yet have the ability to train muscles.
  • Circulatory problems. As a result, the supply of tissues with oxygen necessary for the breakdown of fatty acids is disrupted. In especially severe cases, the effect of “ sharpei skin ” under the buttocks can also give edema.
  • Congenital or acquired pelvic curvature, scoliosis. In this case, the folds will be asymmetrical. Here you can’t do without a professional’s help, look for a competent osteopath.
  • Genetic predisposition. Fat in different people is deposited in certain places, for example, on the hips, stomach, shoulders. For some, the storage location of such a “NZ” is just under the buttocks. Moreover, even with proper nutrition and regular training, such a feature is likely to become less noticeable, but will not completely disappear.

How to remove a crease under a booty – working methods

If you are going to get rid of the fold under the buttocks (it does not matter if you have one or several), get ready to work on yourself methodically and comprehensively. Some women, by the way, stop, getting rid of the second and subsequent folds, preferring to save the first one. But this is solely a matter of personal aesthetic preferences.

Miraculous exercises, creams and cosmetic procedures that guarantee an instant effect, simply do not exist. The result manifests itself after 6-8 months and is the result of regular physical activity, proper nutrition and additional procedures (such as massage, body wraps, contrast shower, visits to the beauty salon). 

Physical education at home

Without daily exercise, getting rid of wrinkles under the buttocks is impossible in principle. Classes at home are no less effective than visits to fitness clubs. For each exercise, 3-4 approaches are recommended for a duration of 40–45 seconds (or 20–25 repetitions) and a 15–20-second break between them. 

Recommended Exercises:

  • Jumping rope. Familiar to everyone since childhood. You can jump as you like, but best of all on two legs, slightly bending them at the knees.
  • Squats The best way to give your buttocks the look you want. There are many types of squats, the easiest way for a beginner is classic and plie. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the knees do not move, the pelvis is laid back, direct posture is maintained, the heels do not come off the floor. Imagine you want to sit on a chair. The starting position for Plie squats is with legs wide apart and socks turned to the sides. Enhances the effect of squats lying on the shoulders of the bar neck with “pancakes” or without them.
  • Lunges. One of the favorite exercises of fitness instructors. The foot is taken back about a step and crouched, bending another. The knee of the front leg should not go forward beyond its heel. To increase the load, take dumbbells in your hands.
  • Swing feet. They are performed from a standing or lying position (from emphasis on straight or bent arms at the elbows). The larger the amplitude and the sharper the movement, the more pronounced the effect. The elasticity of the thigh and buttocks muscles will be increased by the gum worn on the lower legs of both legs (in a standing position) and special weights.
  • Buttock bridge. Lying on your back with your legs bent at the knees and arms extended along the body, raise the pelvis as high as possible. The increased load will be given by the load placed on the lower abdomen (dumbbells, “pancakes”).

As for simulators, walking, running and cycling noticeably improve the appearance of the buttocks. Accordingly, a treadmill, an exercise bike, an ellipsoid, which can be installed at home , will be useful to you The duration of the first trainings is 15–20 minutes, then the time gradually increases, as does the resistance of the simulator.  

In the hall, you can practice leg presses on a special simulator and deadlift with a barbell. The starting position in the latter case is standing with slightly bent knees, the barbell in lowered hands. Slowly lean forward, as if sliding the bar on the hips and legs and keeping the back straight. Straighten a little sharper.

Proper nutrition

The well-known axiom – if you want to get rid of something superfluous on the body, you need to lose weight. The situation with folds under the buttocks is no exception. But strict diets will not help here. On the contrary, with sudden weight loss, the skin sags even more, exacerbating the defect. You just need to eat a balanced diet, guided by the following principles:  

  • Revise your diet, focusing on protein foods and reducing “fast” carbohydrates to the maximum. You will need to abandon fast food , carbonated drinks, sweets, pastries in favor of lean meat and poultry, dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese), Legumes, seafood.
  • Reduce the consumption of smoked, spicy, salty – such food provokes the appearance of edema.
  • Drink 1.5–2 liters of pure water, green or herbal tea daily. Other drinks and soups do not count.
  • To the maximum, include fresh vegetables and fruits in the menu, providing the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals and nuts (a valuable source of energy).
  • Switch to the fractional nutrition system – eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. Do not fill your stomach until it stops, get up from the table with a feeling of slight hunger.

Water treatments, scrubbing and body wraps

These procedures alone will not help to get rid of wrinkles under the buttocks, but as a supplement to a reasonable diet and exercise, they are very useful because they maintain muscle tone and tighten the skin, preventing it from sagging.

A good effect is given by a daily contrast shower. Start with warm water, then gradually cool it to a tolerable temperature (blue lips and banging teeth – an overkill) and with circular movements of the watering can, directing water to the body from a distance of 15–20 cm, massage the problem areas for 30–40 seconds. Then again, for the same 30–40 seconds, make the water hotter so that the muscles relax. The total duration of the procedure is 15–20 minutes.

In addition to a contrasting soul, it is useful to use a scrub once every 3-4 days It can be both purchased and homemade. Rubbing the problem areas with a scrub for 2-3 minutes, you not only increase the skin tone, but also contribute to its rejuvenation, removing dead cells. 

About one tablespoon of home scrub will take for one procedure . As the “abrasive” particles used ground coffee, coffee grounds, fine sea salt, sugar, oatmeal, semolina. To give the mass the necessary gruel-like consistency, these ingredients are mixed in approximately equal proportions with fat sour cream, natural yogurt, any oils used in cosmetology, and liquid honey.

Remarkably tighten the skin and maintain the tone of the wrapping muscles (they also help get rid of cellulite). They are recommended to be done after a shower every 5-7 days. A mixture of all ingredients, warmed up to body temperature, is applied in an even layer to the problem area, over which a cling film is wound in 2-3 layers. After 30-40 minutes, the composition is thoroughly washed off in the shower.  

Home Wrap Recipes:

  • half a glass of powder from seaweed and any vegetable oil, 2-3 drops of essential oil of citrus, rosemary, juniper, lavender, dill;
  • approximately equally white or blue powder clay and green or chamomile tea;
  • a glass of heated liquid honey or a bar of chocolate melted in a water bath and 2-3 pinch of spices – chili peppers, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg.


It has long and well established itself as a means to bring muscles to tone and destroy body fat. At home, massage can be done in courses of 15-20 daily sessions with a break of a week and a half. The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes. From folds under the buttocks will help get rid of:  

  • Classic massage. It consists of rubbing, kneading, patting, light pressure and tapping on the problem area.
  • Honey massage. Warm the skin under a warm shower, wipe dry. Apply warmed honey in a thin layer on problem areas. Massage consists in alternating light pats, rubbing in a circular motion and “gluing” the palms to the buttocks, followed by their “tearing”. After finishing the procedure, take a shower again.
  • Cupping massage. Apply any massage or vegetable oil to the buttocks and the fold under them. Move across the folds with a silicone jar of a suitable diameter, without tearing it away from the skin, but also not pushing it excessively.

Salon procedures and plastic surgery

Procedures in beauty salons will not give the desired effect, if you do not combine them with exercise and a balanced diet. But to maintain the achieved result, you can contact a cosmetologist. Of course, if there is free time and money, usually a minimum of 10 sessions is required, for example, massage and thalassotherapy, the cost of each starts from 800-1000 rubles. 

What procedures will help get rid of the crease under the buttocks:

  • Thalassotherapy. A set of procedures consisting of bathtubs with sea water and wraps of problem areas with compositions based on salts and algae. The skin is tightened, its tone is increased.
  • Massage. In the salons, to combat this problem, classic, honey, anti-cellulite, can, lymphatic drainage , vacuum, vibration massage are offered . A variety of massages can be considered myostimulation – effects on the muscles weak current pulses.
  • Lipolifting (or lipofilling ). Taken from the client and in a special way purified fat cells with a syringe are introduced under the fold, filling it from the inside. The result will be noticeable in 1.5–2 months and last for the next two years or a little less.

A radical way out of the situation is plastic surgery (liposuction). Excess fat is “sucked out” from the buttocks, previously destroying the fat cells, as a result, their relief is leveled, the fold disappears. The operation has many contraindications, it is performed under general anesthesia and can lead to very serious negative consequences (due to the unprofessionalism of the chosen doctor or the behavior of the client herself , who violated his prescriptions). The buttocks come to their desired state about six months after the procedure.  

Such a small and insignificant detail, like a fold under the buttocks, can cause serious discontent with their own appearance for its owners. The problem can and must be solved – there are many ways to do this. The best (albeit non-quick) result is their complex application and regularity of the necessary procedures.

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