Skipping rope is an ideal accessory for training. It is compact, affordable and suitable for you regardless of age and sports training. You can do it at home, on the sports ground, in the hall or in the park – only 10-15 minutes are guaranteed to improve your mood and figure. Here are the main advantages of the rope. 

Strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs

When jumping, the back, front, side and inner thigh muscles, calf muscles, biceps and triceps work. To strengthen the load, you can increase the height of the jump, move your hands more actively, rotating the rope. Jumps on one leg and alternate crossing of legs are useful.

In one twenty-minute workout, you will perfectly work out the muscles of your arms and legs and will be able to keep them in the right tone.

Calorie burning

It has been proven that intense jumping burns up to 130 kilocalories in 10 minutes, and in an hour you lose about 800 calories. This load is comparable to jogging or intense exercise on cardiovascular equipment .

Daily jumping in combination with a reasonable diet can reduce weight in just a month. Want to achieve more impressive results? Jump for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day!

You can do it everywhere

It is easy to roll up the rope and put it in your pocket or bag, and then go to the sports ground, to the fitness room or just to the street. You can jump in the office and at home (not forgetting the presence of neighbors).

Buy 2 or 3 jump ropes at once and store them in different places – you simply cannot evade training!

In order not to be bored, diversify the exercises by changing or crossing your legs, scrolling the rope twice and inventing other tricks.

Stamina training

Jumping can seem like fun for children, but try to twist the rope in just 5 minutes, and you will understand – this is a rather difficult exercise. Not everyone can jump for 20 minutes without a break, you have to start from a minimum.

Every week, add 5 minutes to your daily workout: your body will become more resilient, your heart rate will normalize, instead of tiredness you will feel an influx of strength.

Psychological stress reduction

Any exercise stimulates the release of endorphins – hormones of happiness. Studies have shown that active exercise increases body temperature and improves blood flow to the brain, removing stressful conditions.

To increase your tone, exercise in the morning, if you feel a breakdown during the day, jump another 5-10 minutes. Jumping is an effective and safe antidepressant that is suitable for everyone. 

Full body workout

On simulators you work with only one muscle group. Jumping rope helps to pump the whole body, strengthening the muscles of the back, abs, back and front of the thigh. Combining jumps with turns and inclinations, you will work out the oblique muscles of the abdomen, forming the waist.

Intensive exercises reduce body fat, making the body supple and bumpy.

Skin improvement

Jumping stimulates good blood flow, the skin receives the necessary amount of oxygen, becomes elastic and smooth, acne and fine wrinkles disappear. After class, a healthy complexion is guaranteed. Do not be afraid to sweat: toxins are removed from the pores along with moisture.

After classes, be sure to drink water: this will restore the hydro- lipid balance, improve metabolism and positively affect the beauty of the skin.

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