How to lose weight after 50 years of a woman? You can solve the problem with the help of sports several times a week. For this purpose, women are perfect for some types of dancing, pilates, yoga, moderate walking, fast walking outdoors, charging. Excellent physical exertion, giving a big charge of vivacity, is swimming – reviews about him in most cases only positive. Do not forget that drinking during any exercise should be taken in small sips.


To eat it is necessary fractional approximately 6-7 times a day, otherwise the problem will not be solved. Recommend how to lose weight after 50 years of age, the next. From rigid diets it is necessary to refuse, since. they are unbalanced. Their peculiarity is that the body of a slimming woman will be deprived of some of the minerals, vitamins and other essential substances. An approximate recipe for a really helpful diet:

  1.  Breakfast – omelet, herbal tea, 1 cube of bitter chocolate.
  2.  Snack – a handful of berries, apple / pear.
  3.  Lunch – soup from vegetables, a sandwich with avocado and cheese cheese.
  4.  Snack – a slice of carrots with hummus (puree from beans).
  5.  Dinner – salad from vegetables, chicken breast on the grill.
  6.  Before bedtime – 1 tsp. bran with a glass of yogurt.
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