Slimming during menopause

Every woman wants to always stay young and lead an active lifestyle. With age, irreversible changes occur in the body, health deteriorates, unpleasant symptoms appear or even excess weight is the influence of menopause. To look just as attractive, women try different ways how to lose weight with menopause. Diets, exercises, medications – what will help get rid of the hated fat?

Many women do not know how to lose weight with menopause, so they believe rumors that this can no longer be done. It does not matter at what age the female body is – excess weight appears due to malnutrition, low motor activity. Although with menopause, metabolism does slow down, but fat can not appear just like that. In such cases, women are advised to have a diary, which notes eaten per day.

After 40 years

Most women can gain weight even before the onset of menopause. After 35-40 years, the body begins to prepare for menopause. Then there are some symptoms that indicate the onset of menopause. “Hour X” can come in 50 or even 60 years. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body. The hormonal background of women falls – as a consequence, diets that previously helped to lose weight, no longer work.

How to lose weight fast with menopause

Slowdown of metabolic processes occurs due to a lack of a woman’s body hormone estrogen. How to normalize metabolism and lose weight? It is necessary to make up for the lack of this hormone, so a diet for menopause in women should contain foods with phytoestrogens. These are varieties of legumes. In addition to proper nutrition, you need to monitor other nuances:
Emotional condition. Climax is not a sentence for a woman, life does not end there. Help yourself survive this period, so no hard restrictions – do not even think how to lose weight on rice or buckwheat. Monodietts are excluded. Strongly and sharply to reduce weight it is impossible. A rigid diet after 50 years will not bring results. Physical activity. Do not sit too long, do exercises in the morning, warm up during the day.

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