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Natural sodium is sufficient in vegetables, fish, meat and other products, even if they are not treated with salt. This natural sodium may well satisfy the normal needs of the body.

Evidence of this fact can be found in the history of many peoples who have never used salt.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the American Indians knew absolutely nothing about salt. Columbus and all the great explorers of the New World found the physical condition of the Indians magnificent. The degeneration of the natives always began after meeting with salt, alcohol and unnatural food.

I participated in more than 13 expeditions to the most primitive corners of the Earth and nowhere did I see the natives consume salt. Therefore, none of them suffered from hypertension.

Indeed, regardless of age, their blood pressure is 120 to 80, which is considered excellent. They also do not suffer from heart disease or kidney disease.

How much salt does a person need per day?

A lot of research has been done on this subject. The opinions of scientists range from 0, 5 to 1 g of salt per day. This dose can be absorbed by the body. The average American, a salt lover, exceeds this rate by 15-30 times.

This horrifyingly high figure is due to the huge amount of salt that is found in almost all “ready-made” products. It is in bread, cheese, meat products (ham, bacon, stew), canned vegetables and hundreds of other products.

Negroes from the southern states have the highest blood pressure in the United States, and the facts show that for most of them salt is an important component of food, especially often they eat salted pork.

I was born and raised in Virginia, and many of my relatives suffered from hypertension. They died early from a heart attack or kidney disease, as they were big lovers of salted pork, ham and bacon.

A lot of salt was added to each dish. By the age of 30 they were constantly ill, their joints were very bad. This was facilitated by the high-salt diet of an ordinary southerner.

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