The best way to prolong life is not to shorten it

The tragic case of a salt imbalance occurred at Binghampton Hospital , New York, where many children died from an overdose of salt. Overdose of salt can kill a child pretty quickly. The body needs natural sodium, not salt pills, which are nothing but an inorganic mineral.

You can get the natural sodium that nature has harvested in beets, celery, carrots, potatoes, turnips, sea kale, watercress and other natural products. Remember that minerals can only be absorbed by our cells in the form of organic food.

Removal of salt from cells and tissues during fasting

I have fifty years of practical and scientific experience in the use of rational starvation. And I discovered that even a four-day fast allows you to remove salt from the body. Detect this helps urine analysis.

Starve for four days, using distilled water. Nothing should get into your body during these four days, except distilled water, which you can drink as much as you like.

Collect the first morning urine. Put the urine bottle in a cool place and store it for two or three weeks, then look at the light.

You will see concentrated sodium chloride at the bottom of the bottle along with other by-products of vital activity.

When this salt leaves the body, how much more freely the kidneys will work! Mouth will cease to dry up, abnormal thirst will stop. Pay attention to the elasticity of the skin, muscle tone.

You will look younger and slimmer. The swelling will disappear. The first thing that the body gets rid of during fasting is salt and its fullness. 

You can hardly believe your eyes. During the fasting you will happen a wonderful transformation.

The mighty vital energy, which is usually wasted on digesting food, is now used only to cleanse every corner of your body, to remove harmful products, poisons that have accumulated in the cells and tissues of the body.

There is a rejuvenation of each cell. After four days of cleaning from salt, try and continue not to consume it. Although it is quite difficult to do. After all, as I said, in all purchased products there is a “hidden salt”.

For weekly salt removal, a 24-36-hour fast will help. It is especially difficult for me to avoid “hidden salt”, as I often travel with lectures and scientific experiments.

True, in restaurants, on ocean liners, airplanes and trains, I always ask: “Without salt, please!” I feel that my weekly fasting for 24-36 hours helps me.

I never add salt to food. Salt is not used at all in the Bragg house! We season food with herbs and garlic, which are natural supplements. They add spice to food. How much better can you look and feel during fasting and salt-free diet!

Fasting is a great sweeper, but not a cure for diseases

People often ask me verbally and in letters: “Can fasting cure me of this or that disease?” I want to be clearly and clearly understood: I do not recommend fasting as a cure for diseases! I do not treat.

I do not believe in any medicine except nature. All we can do is strengthen the vital forces in such a way that the treatment of diseases becomes a purely internal matter of the organism itself. I teach you to starve in order to strengthen your vitality even more and more to overcome weakness.

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