How to explain the breakdown

We live in a crazy, crazy world. The requirements of civilization for human energy are enormous.

We must maintain a standard lifestyle, must occupy a certain position among relatives and friends. Debt is a cruel lord. We must obey him.

Every hour of wakefulness requires a huge return of vital forces in order to earn family support, drive a car along an overloaded route, be responsible for their work or work around the house, raise children, perform public and civic duty. Thousands of cases that require energy and more energy!

Energy is a very valuable thing, but it cannot be packaged in a bottle or in a box and bought. Many people think that you can get it in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, pepsi-cola, but they are mistaken. Energy is a reward for life as close as possible to natural.

We are punished for bad habits, rewarded for good habits

After all, it is because of bad habits that a breakdown and illness of the body begin. Bad habits weaken us, energy reserves are reduced, and there is a weakening of the body, you do not have enough energy to completely clean the body.

A decrease in energy leads to a slowdown in the activity of the entire excretion system: the intestines, kidneys, skin and lungs. These bodies do not have enough energy to function at full capacity.

And then poisons of various kinds are not completely eliminated from the body, gradually accumulate and cause terrible harm.

Poisons concentrate in different parts of the body, affect the nervous system, and you suffer from pain. These are signs of nature that warn you that you do not live according to the laws that she prescribed for you in caring for your well-being.

But you blame anything that happened, instead of addressing the real cause of trouble.

People never blame themselves for their troubles.

“No, â€ they say, â€œI have a cold, I am overtired, I feel worse because I am getting old.” Excuses are sought for excuses, but the real reason is never called – they themselves! You and only you are responsible for your pain and illness, for your premature aging.   

Leading the wrong lifestyle, you weaken yourself. The level of your vitality is reduced, poisons do not leave the body.

They torment you, responding to the diseases of those organs in which they are concentrated. But pain actually comes from your lifestyle.

Do not blame anyone or anything but yourself. You have weakened your body, and poisonous substances, originating from a variety of sources, poison you. Strengthen your vitality through fasting and a natural lifestyle, and weakness will recede!

A hectic lifestyle is the true cause of your poor health, weakness, exhaustion , premature aging, and a whole set of all kinds of illnesses that can turn you into a miserable ruin. I wish you would understand this once and for all.

Living as nature has designated, you begin to rejuvenate yourself! Many people think that it is possible with impunity to try to break all the good and fair laws of a healthy lifestyle prescribed by nature. How wrong they are!

You cannot overstep natural laws. It will break you. You may think that you have surpassed all the laws of nature, but then you have to appeal to medicine so that it replaces nature and accomplishes a miracle.

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