How did Zoloft help me?

How to get out of the Pit? Then again get into it … How did Zoloft help me? I’ll tell you everything as it is …


I thought a very long time before publishing this Review. Not every person is able to open the soul as much as I have decided today …

Get ready, because the story will be long.

It all began in 2010. I was cheerful and cheerful, I had a stable job, I signed up for a driving school, recently I went in for sports regularly, went to the gym and attended group classes: step aerobics, strength training, went on strip plastic and oriental dances.

I always considered myself a strong man with a steel character. In my childhood I never got sick, I did not lie in hospitals once, only once in 24 years (there was a stone from the kidney).

At school she was always the first excellent pupil, the class starter.

I entered the University for free (although I studied in absentia), from the third year I already had a stable job. In 2006 I was a certified lawyer.

Why am I writing this?

To make it clearer, how did I “come to this” before?

It all began unexpectedly.

It should be noted that at that time I had been living in a dormitory room (given from work) for 5 years with a neighbor who hated me before death. I tried not to pay attention to her (she was 10 years older than me and did not expect anyone to settle her), but she got up at 5 am and included a FEN! I sprayed with varnish so that I could not breathe, and when she pulled me to work (at 7), I ventilated the room every time and was forced to breathe all this.

I was at work by 8 o’clock, I lived nearby and could sleep until seven in the morning. But nevertheless, at 5 o’clock every day jumped up from her hair dryer (since then this buzz can not stand).

I had a difficult job, but I liked it. I worked in court. Can you imagine what kind of work there was? If not, I’ll tell you. On 15 court hearings a day, a lot of “unsubscribe”, a lot of inquiries, letters and subpoenas. Heavy morally and physically. A state where you do not know what to grab for, always follows you. For the weekend you take work on the house, in the evenings you sit until 8 pm. And so day after day, from year to year. But I never regretted that I worked in the courts. This is the only place where you can gain a full legal experience, which is always useful.

Yes, and the team we had friendly, and this time I remember with warmth.

In addition, I finally began to make money. Not so hot, but I had enough hairpins, I also helped my mother, which at that time did not work.

And it all started, I think, from the driving school.

In 2005 I had an accident. The driver was drunk, I was sitting in the front seat, someone in my arms. The driver was dispersed in earnest and we did not fit into the turn.

I still remember it with horror. The car rolled over onto the roof, no one could open the door. Then someone broke the front glass, and I was able to get out. In addition to the cones on my head, I did not have anything, but since then I have become panicky about traveling by car with great speed, as well as with little-known drivers.

I did not think that these memories would come up when I myself got behind the wheel!

And it happened.

The instructor in the driving school I was young and nervous. I could not do anything, I was nervous at the wheel, my hands were shaking and my heart was beating. Then panic attacks began to follow me. At first I did not quite understand what was happening to me. I thought my heart was in trouble. Then I noticed that my heart “goes” even when I just lay, walked, was at work. At night I could not sleep, I was tormented by terrible insomnia. At first I tried to drink soothing drugs: motherwort, Novo-Passit, Afobazol. But they did not help me.

Then I noticed that I had lost my appetite. Absolutely! I could eat yogurt or a banana during the day, nothing else got into me. Then there was a terrible nausea. I was sick every day and night. By that time, I practically did not eat anything, I lost weight so that all the clothes hung on me. At work, they thought that I had anorexia nervosa.

At home I tried to call an ambulance. But I was told that like there was nothing to invent, they gave glycine and that’s it. I tried to go to doctors, I was put all sorts of diagnoses: from arrhythmia to a hernia of the esophagus. Could not find the cause of nausea, wrote out Cerucal in tablets, but he did not help me.

Girls (and boys), darlings! If you have a breakdown in the heart, insomnia, lack of appetite and nausea – it’s NEUROS! For the most part, all these symptoms are from a disorder of the autonomic nervous system.

I’m writing this so that many will understand that they do not joke with nerves! I in life could not believe that this will happen to me! I passed a bunch of doctors, lay in several hospitals, but the final diagnosis was put to me after a long time. And this disease just does not go away, just fail to “rest”. The treatment is very long and difficult. A medication should be picked up by a highly qualified doctor, ideally a psychotherapist, or a neurologist. Also here will help a psychiatrist.

So, by the end of 2010, I was already barely dragging my feet. The driving school had to be left for the period of treatment (I got the right after 8 months). At the time I was weighing 50 kilograms, although I was always a chubby girl.

I was shaking in the literal sense of the word, I did not eat anything, could not go out, could not go to work. Then they put me in the hospital for the first time. Due to the fact that I had nausea as one of the symptoms, I was identified in the infectious department. Have diagnosed “a vegeto-vascular dystonia”. Treated with droppers, at night did Relanium. Have made EGF to exclude any gastric disease. Did or made cardiograms, pulse was for 100 always. That’s all the treatment.

Then I go to therapy. There, too, not particularly bother, the diagnosis was the same. They also put cervical osteochondrosis. As if from the neck I can shake and vomit! I lay there for 2 weeks and before the New Year I was discharged home.

After the New Year, I ended up in a neurological department.

That’s where they found out in me “their” patient!

My attending physician is available to me explained that, against the backdrop of chronic stress, the entire vegetative system has completely decayed me, and that the treatment will be long. How did she tell me that I have her “is the fifth of the court”, and that the work in the courts is very nervous.

They treated me with the same droppers, at night they gave me fenozepam so that I would sleep.

Upon termination of treatment to me have written out:

– Antidepressant Cipralex or Selectrou 5 mg in the morning for 6 months

– Neuromultivitis (vitamins of group B)

– Afobazol 3 months

– Therapeutic exercise constantly

– Observation at the neurologist at the place of residence.

I started treatment. I bought antidepressants (I drank Selectra for half a tablet, it is cheaper than Tipraplex), instead of Neuromultivitis I took Multitabs Antistress, saw Afobazol.

From work I had to quit, I just could not live in the same rhythm of life, moved to live with my mother, HOME! It was easier for me to regain consciousness there.

Gradually, slowly I began to “poke around”, a little to recover. I cleaned at home (little by little), read positive literature, my favorite “Cosmopolitan”, re-read the old issues, which I had accumulated enough.

Spring came, and with it I began to revive. Of course, I drank the medicine every day. Gradually it became easier. After months 5 after the beginning of treatment I finally came to my senses. I got a job (again in court, but there was less workload), life again became the same.

I got better both literally and figuratively. She gained weight again. Weighed 73 kilos! The organism, exhausted by hunger, was typed impetuously. Moreover, I, frightened by the recent lack of appetite, worked his snacks and sweets.

Life was getting better.

In the spring of 2012, I became pregnant. And although the child was not part of my plans, I was very happy about it. At that time I was almost 28 years old, there were no prospects for marriage, but I always knew that I would have a child, and that it would be a girl.

At the fourth week of pregnancy, MEAN started a terrible toxicosis. I vomited 40 times a day, at night I did not sleep because of nausea. Beginning endless rows of hospitals.

For the first month, I threw off 15 kilograms, and then the weight continued to decline.

I did not even have water in me. But even here another surprise awaited me – NEUROSE returned to me! I was ready to put up with all the inconveniences of toxicosis, but not neurosis!

Again everything came back: I was shaking, my pulse was 200, I was afraid and panic, you can not describe everything. But I was carrying a baby! No medicine is allowed!

I will not describe everything: I will only say that it was 9 months of hell, I will not wish anyone what I transferred. I drank some medicine (if I’m interested, I’ll write), otherwise I would not just endure the child, unable to withstand this depression.

But my birth was relatively normal. I gave birth to a daughter! My little princess!

Now I have the meaning of life.

After childbirth, I breastfed the baby for a year. Estesstvenno, no drug. Cope on my own. Of course, the constant lack of sleep and experiences for the child did not contribute to a speedy recovery, but I managed. Gradually, she came to herself.

When I finished feeding, I went to a neurologist. She wrote me Teraldzhen. It was a rescue: I began to sleep better, and I felt much calmer.

When the baby was 1.5 years old, I went to work. It should be noted that I changed jobs. But since I was always a perfectionist, I tried to get my job done “excellent” for that and paid for another NEUROISM.

And by that time I started driving, so I was very nervous. My daughter had to be sent to the kindergarten, she began to get sick all the time. I was torn between work and an eternally sick child. Plus winter has come, and on a winter road I am even more nervous about steel.

ALL RETURNED: insomnia, tachycardia, inhuman fear and panic. I was afraid to go out into the street, to work, I completely lost my appetite!

I knew that a “simple” doctor in my case would not help. I immediately went to a psychiatrist.

What surprised me, the doctor (man) did not make round eyes, but after listening. appointed me Zoloft.

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