Buckwheat flour – benefits and recipes for losing weight

Cereals are an integral component of a healthy balanced diet. They are also important for losing weight. Products of this category are good in that they can be used by us in various forms. These are cereals, from which it is easy to prepare a hearty porridge or a nutritious side dish; and flakes, and muesli, and flour. Here’s the last type of food raw materials, namely buckwheat flour, let’s talk in more detail.

What is buckwheat flour?

Buckwheat flour, of course, is derived from buckwheat, or more precisely – from buckwheat by grinding or grinding solid particles of cereal. Unlike wheat flour and rye flour, which is used in cooking everywhere, buckwheat flour and dishes made from it are the lot of gourmets and people who show special concern for their own figure. Baking from it just melts in the mouth and has a delicious taste. In Japan, for example, buckwheat flour produces a popular national delicacy – soba noodles, used with meat, slices of vegetables and rich broth.

Composition and dietary properties of buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is characterized by chemical contents, which are characterized by a variety of nutritional components. First of all, it is rich in proteins (15%) and carbohydrates (82%), the lion’s share of which belongs to the category of complex sugars. There is very little fat in this flour – just under 4%. Of the basic organic compounds of the product should be allocated more fiber, ashes.

The vitamin-mineral composition of buckwheat flour has similar features to that of buckwheat itself. The product is saturated with the following biologically active components: group B vitamins, E and a large amount of antioxidant routine. Buckwheat flour contains useful amino acids: glycine, lysine, etc. The number of mineral compounds of the product even outweighs the amount of biologically active substances even slightly: in addition to the products common in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron products, the product can boast the presence of rarer zinc, selenium , molybdenum, manganese, copper, fluorine, cobalt.
Buckwheat flour is a very high-calorie product. In 100 g of this food plant raw material contains about 350 kcal. However, such an impressive energy value does not detract from the dietary properties of delicacies. They are due to the presence in the product:

  • slow sugars, capable for a long time and qualitatively satisfy the feeling of hunger;
  • proteins, stimulating the growth of muscle tissue;
  • vitamins and antioxidants, helping to get rid of excess fat in the body.

In addition, dishes made from buckwheat flour excellently cleanse the internal environment of the body from toxins and toxins – including, at the cellular level. All this testifies to the great possibilities of the product for the acquisition of harmony.

Benefits of buckwheat flour

Delicacy derived from buckwheat, has on human health the most that there is a positive impact, and simultaneously in many aspects.

Dishes from buckwheat flour strengthen immunity, thereby at times suppress the sensitivity of the body to various pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Buckwheat foods raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, reducing the manifestation of anemia, and the degree of “bad” cholesterol, on the contrary, is reduced. Thanks to the regular intake of buckwheat flour components into the body, the tissues of the body are saturated with oxygen, which causes their breathing to become more active, the metabolism and other biochemical reactions accelerate, and the overall well-being of the gourmet improves.

The presence in the buckwheat flour of vitamin P (routine) allows you to normalize blood pressure by introducing this product into the diet. Among the useful properties of delicacies are also the elimination of edema by removing excess fluid from the body, digestive problems, including constipation and heartburn due to the excellent assimilation of the product. Calcium, phosphorus and proteins, which are rich in buckwheat flour, strengthen hair, bones, nails, teeth, positively affect the mobility of joints. Both the nervous and cardiovascular systems are affected by the beneficial effect of the plant product, since the B vitamins and the already mentioned above routines struggle with insomnia, depression, increase the stress resistance, reduce the risk of heart disease, make the walls of the vessels stronger and more elastic, improve the nerve conduction . Vitamin R, in addition, also dilutes the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots in the capillaries.

The content of antioxidants in buckwheat flour makes it indispensable for people who have poor eyesight and are highly likely to develop cancer. The same vitamins P and E, as well as microelements of selenium, manganese, copper and zinc protect the tissues from cancer cells. They slow down the aging process, helping to look young and beautiful longer.

Constantly eating foods from the buckwheat derivative, you will forget about the acute symptoms of atherosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism, anxiety, beriberi, bad mood, problems in the work of the reproductive system. Buckwheat flour can be included in the menu to people with allergies to gluten protein.

Recipes with buckwheat flour for weight loss

As you already know, nutritionists recommend the introduction in their diet of dishes made from buckwheat flour to those who dream of getting rid of excess weight or, conversely, slim girls who do not want to grow fat. Take note of several useful dietary recipes for such foods and drinks.

Kefir-buckwheat beverage. Ingredients: kefir low fat content – 250 ml, buckwheat groats – 1 tbsp.

How to cook:

In the evening, pour the buckwheat into the coffee grinder and chop the croup to the state of flour.
Pour the buckwheat powder into a glass, fill it with a sour-milk drink.
Mix the ingredients thoroughly and place the drink in the refrigerator for the whole night.
In the morning, take a buckwheat-kefir drink on an empty stomach.

Do this for two weeks, then stop for a month and repeat the course. For a day a portion of a drink based on buckwheat flour and a sour milk product with a condition to save you from 0.5 kg excess weight.

Buckwheat pancakes. Ingredients: wheat and buckwheat flour – 200 grams, milk – 2.5 cups, sugar and salt – 1 tsp, chicken raw eggs – 3 pieces, water, a little baking soda.

How to cook. Both kinds of flour sift and mix. Pour the milk into a saucepan, dilute it with a little water. Add the resulting mixture of sugar, salt and soda. In different bowls, whisk egg whites and yolks separately using a mixer. Then enter them alternately into the milk-water liquid. Then fill the flour and mix the dough. Bake pancakes on a heated frying pan, greased with vegetable oil.

Buckwheat jelly. Ingredients: boiled water – 1.3 l, buckwheat flour – 3 tbsp.

How to cook. In 300 ml of water, add the sifted flour – gradually and constantly stirring, so that there are no lumps. When the mixture has a uniform consistency, pour into it another 1 liter of warm boiled water. Place the saucepan with this mixture on a slow fire, cook for 5 minutes. Drink twice a day, half an hour before meals.

Lose weight with taste!

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