How to determine that the metabolic rate is below normal: 6 true signs

A metabolic disorder seriously complicates life. For example, it is because of him that you can’t lose weight or are constantly freezing. How to determine yourself that the metabolic rate is below normal? Here are six sure signs.

An inexplicable increase in body weight is one of the main signs of a slowed metabolism. If you have a healthy diet, you are physically active and nevertheless the arrow weighs uncontrollably upwards, it is likely that you have a metabolic disorder. “This, for example, often happens with hypothyroidism , a common endocrine system disease in which the thyroid gland does not produce hormones in sufficient rjkbxtcndt , which reduces the metabolic rate in the body, ” says Mushfika N. Alam , endocrinologist, MD, University of California, San Diego . –     I must say that in this case, a slow metabolism is often combined with excellent appetite, especially in women. A person may simply not notice that he is overeating and gaining weight. ” With a reduced metabolic rate, on the one hand they get fat, which is called “from the air,” and on the other , they lose weight with great difficulty, even if they make great efforts. Neither diet correction nor physical activity helps.

You constantly feel tired

Another sure sign that your metabolic rate is below normal. “Because your body’s metabolic rate is low , you don’t have enough energy, so you always feel tired even if you are resting quite well, ” says Heather Hoffit , an endocrinologist, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. “However, constant fatigue can also be caused by other factors unrelated to your health condition, such as your diet.”

Your skin is dry. When the metabolic rate is impaired, the skin cells do not receive enough nutrients due to poor blood circulation. “A deficiency of essential nutrients leads to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity, firmness, healthy radiance, ” says Mushfika N. Alam . – In addition, if the body tries to keep warm, you sweat a little. It also has a bad effect on the condition and appearance of the skin: it becomes dry, wrinkles and microcracks form on it faster. ” A moisturizer, unfortunately, will not solve the problem. Understand what is associated with a low level of metabolism. You may also need to adjust your diet. Learn about products that stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the body .

You want sweet 

If you constantly want to eat something sweet and you are unable to resist this desire, it is likely that the reason is not that you have unhealthy eating habits. “Slow metabolism is often associated with insulin resistance ,” says Carolina Soderkvest , MD, a bariatric physician, author of The MD Factor Diet . – This is a condition where the cells are resistant to the action of insulin – the hormone that the pancreas produces. Insulin plays a major role in the processes of energy storage and storage in the body – that is, in the formation of adipose tissue. Craving for food rich in simple carbohydrates is one of the signs of insulin resistance – a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. It looks like this: you eat something sweet, the blood sugar level rises, in response to this, the pancreas secretes insulin into the blood. Normally, this hormone binds to the receptor on the cell and glucose enters it, turning into energy. However, if you have insulin resistance , the receptors break down and glucose cannot enter the cell and become an energy source. Then the body is constantly experiencing energy hunger and asks for something sweet. “

You suffer from constipation

This common problem is also often associated with slow metabolism. “When the body’s metabolism is impaired, this affects all of its functions, including the process of bowel movement , ” says Carolina Soderkvest . – At a low metabolic rate, the transit of feces in the intestine slows down. The entire digestion process, starting from the moment when food enters the stomach and ending with the removal of waste from the body, takes longer. It often causes bowel problems – constipation ”.

You are constantly cold 

If you freeze, even when it is warm enough outside or indoors, this may be a sign of hypothyroidism – a disease that, as we already know, is associated with a slowed metabolism. “The reason for this chilliness can be explained by the fact that the thyroid gland does not work as it should,” says Mushfika N. Alam . – Heat is generated in the body through metabolism. Slow metabolism leads to a decrease in body temperature. This, incidentally, is also one of the main signs of hypothyroidism . ”    

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