How to maintain a diet: 5 secrets for those who need to lose weight

You already keep a food diary, have learned how to count calories and choose the right foods, and you can easily drink the required volume of water from one and a half to two liters a day. Well, it’s time to introduce you to small and very simple tricks that will help you lose the right amount of kilograms and stay on track.

1. Distinguish between hunger and appetite

Opened the refrigerator and pretend to be so delicious to enjoy. In this situation, you are most likely not hungry and would just like to enjoy the meal.

In case of hunger, which signals a decrease in blood sugar, you can feel rumbling in the stomach, sucking under the spoon, and you will be happy with any food – and a bowl of soup, and even a crust of bread. When your hunger does not drive you to the refrigerator, but your appetite, you want something special, usually not very useful: for example, a cake, fried potato or sausage.

If you have eaten recently (after the last meal two hours have passed, no more) and satisfying, but you still want to have a bite, for a start drink a glass of lukewarm water with very slow sips. Did not help?

Chew a cucumber or raw carrots and promise yourself to treat yourself to your favorite, but high-calorie meal in the morning. At first, it is not easy to combat appetite. Try to control it with chewing mints with a pleasant mint flavor. Appetite control . Diet Perfetta . They dull the appetite and help to maintain a proper diet. 

2. Get rid of excess fluids.

You are on a diet, losing weight and suddenly – on the scales an increase of 1 kg … No panic! This, of course, is not fat, but water that lingers in the body. I must say, puffiness is the problem of many losing weight. And this is not surprising, because water is one of the decay products of fat. In order to remove it in a timely manner, it is important to observe the drinking regime, minimize salty, spicy foods and sweets in the menu, and also monitor the amount of protein in the diet (protein molecules attract water). You should not cut the calorie intake solely due to carbohydrates, thoughtlessly leaning on meat, poultry and fish.

3. Support the liver

70% of the burden on the elimination of substances harmful to the body falls on this organ. With the breakdown of fats, the liver is forced to work with a vengeance. After all, as you know, toxins accumulate in fat cells. When they are destroyed, these substances enter the bloodstream, are sent to the liver, neutralized and excreted.

You can activate the detoxification process by including cruciferous in your menu: all types of cabbage, especially broccoli and Brussels sprouts, beets, radishes, radishes. They contain the substance sulforaphane , which has a choleretic effect, is actively involved in detoxifying the body and normalizing the functioning of internal organs. Eating these foods is better raw: when heat treated, sulforaphane is destroyed. To get the right dose of this substance, it’s enough to include, for example, broccoli in your menu – just 100 g per day. Another detox helper is a mixture of water and citrus juice (2 parts juice to 1 part water). Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. The substances contained in lemon stimulate the release of toxins, and water removes these harmful elements, thereby cleansing the liver.

4. Spur metabolic processes

Sooner or later, on the way to ideal weight, you can enter the “plateau” stage and within a couple of weeks do not lose a single kilogram. This is a normal situation related to the fact that your body needs to adapt to new dimensions. And it takes time. If the plateau period has dragged on, then your diet and lifestyle have become habitual for the body and it’s time to change something.

For example, to increase physical activity or choose a different type of fitness, adjust the menu, preferring other foods or dishes, try alternating days with normal and low calories, adjust the amount of sleep. Delicious heart-shaped chewing pastes that speed up metabolism will help you . Metabolism Acceleration Perfett’s Diet . They optimize the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, help to spend calories obtained with food faster.

5. Take vitamin and mineral complexes

During the period of weight loss we need much more vitamins and minerals. Most of them are directly involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, and detoxification processes . And trimming calories, which is an important condition for weight loss, we further impoverish our diet. On a subconscious level, you will try to get the right amount of micronutrients with food, which is fraught with disruptions or regular overeating. Most often, during weight loss, vitamin D, C, magnesium, iron, chromium are not enough. Be sure to choose a suitable complex for yourself with your doctor. Help your body go through a period of weight loss without stress and with benefit, and the Dieta Perfetta System will become additional support, will make your diet not only more effective, but also more delicious.

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