Does a woman need strength training?

Yes, they are needed and even necessary to prevent a number of diseases. But here it is important to consider that physiologically the muscle mass of a woman is different from that of men. A woman does not have the same amount of testosterone as a man. But it is this hormone that contributes to muscle building.

Why does a woman need strength training

1. Some women do not want to do strength exercises because they think that they will lose their femininity and will look pumped up. But this is not so; it will not work to build mountains of muscles for a woman. Those athletes who can be seen on the Internet with muscles pumped up like men achieve such results by systematic everyday training and various pharmacological agents and injections. 

They most likely need such a body in order to achieve their professional goals. For an ordinary average woman, it is important to take care of their well-being, not to gain weight and maintain their muscles and body in excellent shape. And if you are faced with the choice of whether or not to do strength exercises, talk with the trainer and together choose an adapted set of exercises.

2. The next fiction is that strength training does not burn fat. The truth is that power loads increase metabolism and increase muscle mass, and isn’t that why you came to the gym? And even after a workout, your muscles will work and continue to burn calories. This is the uniqueness of the muscles. You rest, and they continue to work.  

3. The fiction is that it is impossible to combine cardio and strength training, as the latter take a lot of energy. 

In fact, they need to be combined, correctly distributing the load. Training on cardio machines burn fat intensively, such training is often called drying. That is, doing any kind of cardio simulator, you successfully drive off extra pounds, and the muscles pumped up during strength training give endurance. Relief appears and at the same time, you get great benefits for the cardiovascular system.

4. Classes on cardio machines only exacerbate wear on the joints. The combination of two types of cardio and power loads is an excellent prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. 

Therefore, it is so important to start playing sports as soon as possible and thereby protect yourself from these ailments. The best prevention of osteoporosis is movement and sport! Here you can add stretching exercises that will allow the joints to maintain elasticity .

5. And finally, the fiction is that the result from playing sports will appear at least a few years later. A well-built individual program of your cardio and power loads will give a result very quickly, usually it becomes noticeable after 6 months, especially if these classes are regular. 

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