Hypotension (from the Greek. Hypo – below, below, and tonos – tension) – a reduced tension of the tone characteristic of many organs and systems. Most often, the term Hypotension is used to mean low blood pressure. The lower limit of the upper systolic blood pressure is normally considered to be 105-120 mm Hg , the boundary of the lower diastolic blood pressure is 60-80 mm Hg . These numbers may vary by age. In young people these figures are lower, in people living in tropical and subtropical countries, they are also lower than in people living in the northern regions.

1. Young people who systematically engage in sports (especially weightlifting), people who perform hard physical work, ballet dancers, etc. Hypotension can occur for years, and sometimes throughout life. At the same time, they feel good and are quite efficient. This condition is called Physiological hypotension and does not require treatment.

2. Pathological hypotension can occur suddenly (acute hypotension) and manifest as collapse, fainting, shock, or occur chronically. Chronic hypotension develops with some common diseases of the body (severe forms of anemia, peptic ulcer, diseases of the endocrine glands, tuberculosis), with prolonged malnutrition (lack of nutrition of fats, proteins, vitamins). In these cases, successful treatment of the underlying disease or good nutrition completely cure hypotension. 3. In other cases, Hypotension is the leading symptom of the disease and develops in young people aged 18-30, who usually have previously had infectious diseases, neuropsychic overstrain or mental trauma, malnutrition or exposure to unfavorable external factors ( eg prolonged x-ray exposure). The disease manifests itself as general poor health, dizziness, headaches, lethargy, darkening in the eyes, sometimes fainting when standing up quickly, irritability, discomfort in the heart, muscle and joint pain.


The correct organization of the working day: the alternation of work and rest, a reasonable rest on weekends, systematic physical education, high-grade, rich in vitamins nutrition.
Of the medicines prescribed by the doctor, take ginseng , caffeine, vitamin therapy, cordiamine in the form of drops, etc. With pronounced hypotension, leading to inhibition of cardiac activity, do cordiamine injections .

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