Harmony of yin and yang around us create stones and water. If there is no garden or you can not contemplate it, you can hang at least a picture of the garden. Although, of course, it will not radiate the energy that radiates from a living real garden.
In addition to harmony, yin and yang need harmony of the five elements in the surrounding space. This harmony is needed where we live. The ancient art of ikebana allows you to create harmony even in the smallest space. You do not need the pomp and elegance of the bouquet, so that it is beautiful and carries the harmony of energies. The ultimate severity, two or three branches, simple and modest plants – this is enough to see in a small – large, in modest branches – the whole harmony of the Universe.
Five elements, five elements, which means that the whole force of nature can be reflected in the composition of ikebana.
Green is the color of the Tree. He personifies spring and symbolizes the east, where day and spring are born.
Red is the color of Fire. It is the color of summer and south.
White is the color of Metal. This is the color of autumn, when white rice matures. This is the color of the west.
Black is the color of Water. This is the color of the darkest, deafest season – winter. This is the color of the north.
Yellow is the color of Earth. This is the color of the end of summer, when all the life-giving forces of the Earth are strongest. This is the color of the center, where all sides of the world meet.
Triangular shapes are required in ikebana. The triangle is a symbol of the unity of yin and yang, earthly and heavenly. A triangular vessel and a combination of five colors in the composition – what could be better for feeling the harmony of the world?
Let the composition of several branches unite the past, present and future, so that we can experience life as an eternal, eternal moment, fully saturated and lived to the very end. The past is fully bloomed flowers, pods, dried leaves. The present are flowers that are just starting to bloom, and fresh green shoots. The future is buds and swollen buds.
Let the composition bring us the energy of eternal youth, joy and peace. Eternal youth and longevity – it is a pine and a rose. Youth and eternity are a combination of pine and rhode. Youth and prosperity are pine and peony. Prosperity and peace are peony and bamboo. Joy – these are flowers of cabbage, chrysanthemum and orchid.
Bamboo and pine – evergreens, and therefore they carry the strength of longevity and youth. Add bamboo sprouts to your food if you want to prolong youth. Bring it to your home to make plant compositions. So you will bring eternal youth into your home. It is also very durable. Your health will be just as durable if you eat bamboo and contemplate it in your home.
A branch of apricot tree will bring beauty and grace to a woman. A flowering apple tree will give peace and quiet to the family. Jasmine will help to experience the enjoyment of life, its fullness and strength. The whiteness and perfection of its colors are as beautiful as the true essence of being.

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