Harmony of yin and yang and the five elements can be brought to your home not only with ikebana. Let’s look at our house. What is more in it – yin or yang?
If there is a lot of light in the house, very bright lighting, if there are a lot of brightly blooming plants with pointed leaves or leaves of complex bizarre shape, if it is always noisy, if bright and bright colors prevail in the setting, if there are a lot of silk and shiny fabrics, bright, warm or bright colors of wallpaper, curtains, furniture, silk and satin shiny fabrics, large windows with curtains drawn back, if there are moving objects, then there is a lot of yang in such a house.
If the house is always twilight, if the situation is dominated by dim, cold, muted and dark colors, if there are a lot of fabrics that absorb light, velvet and plush, if the windows are draped, if there are pictures of water, if there are many dimly blooming flowers with round leaves if the house is always quiet – there is a lot of yin in it.
If we want to be healthy, we need to bring into the surrounding space the kind of energy that it lacks. Balance yin and yang around you. And it will be easier for you to balance the yin and yang within yourself. It is necessary to balance the energy of the five elements.
Let’s look again at our house .. Which element is greater in it, and which is less?
If the house faces the north – it is to the elements of Water.
If the house faces the south – it is to the elements of Fire.
If the house faces south-west or north-east, it will fall to the elements of the Earth.
If the house faces west or north-west, it tends to the elements of Metal.
If the house faces east or southeast, it will fall to the elements of the Tree.
If the house has too many blue, gray and black colors in the setting, if it has an abundance of mirrors and glass objects, if there are undulating forms in the pattern of fabrics and objects, if there are paintings of water, fish and seascapes, if you have a lot of visible dishes for liquids – in such a house an excessive amount of water energy. It is not surprising that in such a house you seem to be afraid of something all the time, you are afraid – the energy of Water is associated with fear.
If the house has a lot of green color, a large number of pieces of furniture made of wood and wicker, if there are a lot of mats, bamboo curtains, wooden figurines, paintings of trees and plants – in such a house there is too much energy of the Tree. The one who lives in it is often angry – the energy of the Tree is associated with anger.
If there is an abundance of red and orange in the house in the interior decoration, if there are a lot of lamps and other sources of light, if candles are lit all the time, if there are many paintings of the Sun and fire, there is too much Fire energy in such a house. The energy of Fire is associated with joy and love, but these feelings can become excessive and turn into their opposite: from joy to nervous excitement and a painful overactive state that is destructive. Any excessive feelings are bad, they become a disease that needs to be treated.
If the house has a lot of brown and yellow shades, if there are a lot of square objects, if there are a lot of objects from ceramics, stones and crystals and paintings depicting landscapes, there is too much energy of the Earth in such a house. The owner of such a house is often worried – anxiety is associated with the energy of the Earth.
If there are a lot of metal objects in the house, if it is dominated by metalware, metal furniture, if there is a lot of white color, silver shades in the design, if there are a lot of round objects and paintings depicting metal objects (knives or coins), then in such a house is too A lot of Metal energy. In this house mourn and grieve – the energy of the Metal is associated with sadness.
In order to harmonize our feelings, so that there is no preference for any of the senses – neither sadness, nor anxiety, nor anger, nor fear, nor excessive joy – you need to put your house in order. And then all the feelings that visit us will not be excessive – they will be quiet and calm, and the joy will be as clear as the sun, and not as destructive as a fire. And all feelings will visit us, come and go without becoming a part of us, which will allow us to keep our true essence – the pure and wise enlightened children of the Universe.
What element to your home? Is there any one energy in your house to the detriment of others? It means that it is necessary to weaken the prevailing element and strengthen the missing ones.
All energies in the world interact with each other, affect each other. The energy of the five elements influences each other: Fire nourishes the Earth, Earth nourishes the Metal, Metal nourishes the Water, Water nourishes the Tree, the Tree nourishes the Fire. In other combinations, energy depletes each other: Metal depletes Wood, Wood depletes Earth, Earth depletes Water, Water depletes Fire, Fire depletes Metal. Using this knowledge, you can weaken or strengthen the actions of the elements.
If there is not enough Water, you need to add blue, dark colors. Water in the house will be enhanced by shells, corals, sea stones, glass objects, fish-shaped ornaments, and other items with water,fish, sea animals and plants. Strengthens Water Metal: silvery and golden shades, metallic objects. If there is a lot of Water and it is impossible to remove its signs, use the Tree to loosen it: add shades of yellow, wooden objects. This will calm the fear that comes from the elements of Water, but it will not allow anger to develop, the Tree in combination with Water does not cause anger, but acts soothingly. If there is not enough Tree, it can be strengthened with the help of Water. The anger of the Tree and the fear of Water will neutralize each other and go out of your life. The tree will be strengthened by dried plants, pieces of wood, bark, small twigs, as well as any wooden objects. If there is a lot of Wood, you can loosen it with Metal, while avoiding silvery shades that can kill the Tree. Bronze shades of Metal will lead the Tree to harmony and deprive it of the tone of anxiety. If there are no elements of Fire in the house, then it is necessary to introduce it, but in very small quantities. They will bring in the Fire house precious stones of red color, a candle, a small lamp, and a small lamp. Strengthening the other elements of the fire will be redundant. But this energy can be given a creative character with the help of the Tree, adding green shades to the design of the house. The tree will remove the unnecessarily exciting effect of Fire. If there is a lot of Fire, Water will cope with it. Gray, blue, a little black – and the Fire will be curbed, the joy will cease to be destructive, it will acquire a calm character, but the presence of Fire will not let Water envelop you with fear. If there is little Earth, it will be revived by the elements of Fire. Add bright red spots to the yellow and beige tones of the Earth – and anxiety will leave your life and joy will come. Strengthen the Earth any ceramic objects, clay figures, crystals. If there is a lot of Earth, soften it with Metal. Anxiety and anger will destroy each other, and peace and tranquility will come to the house. If there is a lot of Metal, Fire can weaken it, but Fire needs very little, otherwise it can completely destroy Metal. Water can also soften Metal – blue, gray and even black elements will very well complement the silver-white colors of Metal. If there is not enough Metal – Earth will feed it, especially beige and brown colors. Any metal objects, gold and silver jewelry will strengthen the metal.

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